9 Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Work
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Highly organized individuals achieve much more in 24 hours than those who are yet to figure it out how to get things done in a given time frame. Not only they are happier with their performance, but they also manage to arrange their spare time in a way that supports their favorite stress-free activities – they do sports, enjoy family strolls, travel, and generally have much more fun when they pull away from their work routine.

Here’s how they do it.


They wake up early

Successful people know that one of the secrets of achieving a master level in any job is to wake up early. Early birds complete the majority of their tasks by noon simply because of their morning discipline. Besides, when you wake up at 5 AM, it’s much easier to find enough time to make a healthy breakfast and truly enjoy a coffee aroma before you kick off the day.


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They strive to outdo themselves

Reputable experts never compete with others. While it’s normal to admire highly successful individuals, you should never lose your time trying to outdo them. Face your own reality and work hard until your own results become your greatest motivation to succeed both professionally and privately.



They keep their workspace clean

Maintaining perfect cleanliness is often overlooked by both employers and employees. However, those who seek productivity never forget to clean their desks by removing all food remains and organizing their paperwork. A tidy and clutter-free desk reduces the possibility of infections and lowers the levels of allergens that can trigger asthma.


Their offices are well-equipped

A well-equipped office means less stress. Organizing your workspace shouldn’t be a problem because you can easily find affordable office supplies that you need to do it. When you know that everything in your office has its place, finding a document or a pen becomes easier.


They’ve brushed up their organization skills

Organization skills are immensely important nowadays. Try to apply for any other job that’s different than yours and you’ll see that highly organized people are welcomed everywhere. Brushing up your organization skills in everyday situations will definitely pay off sooner or later. Not to mention that being eager to improve in every aspect of your professional life might lead you to a higher position in your current company.



They take initiative

Complaining about million of things that bother you daily won’t be of any use to you. Instead of grumbling, successful people try to find solutions to their problems. If you feel disrespected at your job, be ready to take initiative and stand up for what you believe in. If this means confronting your colleagues or employers regularly – do it. However, first make sure that you have strong arguments to back up your claims.


They encourage others

Habits of productive people exceed their scope of interest. They know that it’s practically impossible to reach desired goals without lifting others. Remember someone once said: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’, and try to become an encourager. This virtue is very rare, hence appreciated in these rocky times. You’ll definitely gain respect from your coworkers.


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They learn new skills

Just because you’ve got a job you’ve always wanted, it doesn’t mean that you should stop reading. In fact, you must constantly work on yourself to stay competitive and relevant. Enroll in some IT and language courses to stay up to date with recent trends on the market.



They socialize

Finding new career opportunities isn’t really possible unless you expand your social circles. Successful people always find some time for informal meetings with their colleagues or people who work in other companies. So, skip your afternoon naps and attend gatherings organized by your coworkers instead.


In order to successfully manage your business or complete any task related to your job, you have to know how to keep your life organized. Regardless of what you think about the levels of your organization skills, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to managing your time and resources. Unless you are naturally talented for the organization, you’ll have to constantly learn from your own mistakes. And, that’s perfectly fine. In the end, if you’re ready to work hard, you might even surpass the achievements of the most talented people. Good luck!

Guest post by Tracey Clayton



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