7 Eco-Friendly Roofing Options For Your Home
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Everybody understands how important the environment can be. However, not everybody knows how they can make a difference. Did you know that by choosing the right roofing materials you can make your home more eco-friendly? Here are a few of the most impactful roofing materials on the market. Installing them is a great way to start making a difference.

Solar Tiles

Above all, a solar roof is eco-friendly. These haven't been around for too long, but they've quickly grown popular. Not only do they minimize your environmental impact, but they'll even generate electricity. As a result, these reduce your impact on the environment in more than one way. You'll keep the home cooler during the summer. Plus, generating your own electricity reduces your reliance on the local electrical grid.

Clay Shingles

Clay has been used as a roofing material for thousands of years. Even today, they've got several benefits over other common choices. First, harvesting clay tends to be benign. Plus, clay roofs are good at reflecting heat. Anyone looking to improve their home's energy efficiency ought to consider them. Besides, a nice clay roof looks great, and it'll last a long time. We'd suggest seeing how they'd look before making a decision. Sometimes, clay roofs don't match your home's style. But, if they do, it's hard to go wrong.

Wooden Shingles

Using a renewable resource to cover the roof is another great idea. Wooden shingles were a lot more common before the industrial revolution. But, that doesn't mean you can't still find them. Today, wooden shingles still protect many homes. These tend to cost less than some of the other options. Plus, wooden shingles are grown from real trees. In other words, you shouldn't worry about how they've impacted the environment. Growing trees to create wooden shingles could be a benefit to the environment.

Tin or Metallic Roofing

How long would you like your new roof to last? Of course, eco-friendly options haven't always been known for their lifespan. If you'd like something with a decent lifespan, consider looking into a metallic roof. Most commonly, tin is used for metal roofing. However, there are plenty of other metals that are equally useful. Farmville roofers have been installing them for years. A well-made metallic roof can last for up to 50 years. Talk about longevity.

Slate Tiles

Slate is another great choice for people who don't want to replace the roof often. It'll cost a bit, but they won't break anytime soon. Installing a new slate roof isn't always easy, though. Still, as long as someone experienced does the job, it shouldn't be too much for them to handle. To further enhance their benefits, you can add a reflective coating. That would help reduce the amount of heat your new roof will absorb. Thus, further lowering your home's energy demands.

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic roofing might be the newest material to enter the scene. However, despite their novelty, they've brought plenty of benefits to the table. First, they'll insulate your home better than most other materials. Thus, reducing your reliance on the HVAC system. Plus, most of the time, they'll be rather durable. Even fires might not harm them all that much. Depending on the type, your home's roof could even withstand hurricane-force winds.

Green Roofs

Finally, a green roof would be the most eco-friendly option of them all. These aren't going to be cheap, though. A green roof is made of living plant material. Meaning, you'll have to maintain them a lot more than other roofs. Otherwise, those plants could wilt away and die. At that point, your roof wouldn't be worth much. Assuming it's well-maintained, nothing is better for the environment. So, if you don't mind the work, a green roof might be the best option.

Choosing the Most Eco-Friendly Roofing Option for Your Home

Owning a home gives you a ton of options, along with the responsibility. Tenants can't decide they'd like to change the roof on a whim. Take advantage of that power by using it for good. An eco-friendly roof does more than just help the environment. They can also help your pocketbook by improving your home's energy efficiency.

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