Low Carb Snack Ideas for Work
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Do you want to lose weight and have a fit and smart body? Then low carb diet is the way to go! Switching from a regular diet to a low carb diet may sound very easy, but for most of the people it is not. Consistency is the key, and people tend to lose this key just after a few days. This may especially happen to the people who work. Meat and vegetables always make it easy to plan full meals when you go low carb. But let us be honest, amidst all the work load and job responsibilities, one might lose the motivation to focus on his diet when he gets hungry in between meals, and may even end up pushing away the dream of having a lean body to the back of his mind. If you can relate to this, then your life is going to become easy after you finish reading this article.


Below is a list of some simple, easy-to-prepare, healthy, yet delicious, snacks which you may consume in your break time. These snacks will give you the much-needed boost in energy levels, while not failing to give your taste buds a tasty treat too!



Nuts are the best low carb snacks that you can nibble on throughout the day at work. On days when you are running late for work and cannot manage to prepare a low carb snack, grab a handful of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and you will be good to go. These nuts will reduce your hunger cravings and energize you at work. Always keep a stock of these low carb nuts at home – they are life savers. Also, remember that cashews, pistachios and chestnuts are high in carbs, so avoid these.



String cheese

For all the cheese lovers out there - string cheese is the most convenient when you are on a low carb diet. You can either eat it directly or eat it with last night’s leftover meat. It is the best snack to keep yourself full until the next meal, so that you may not get distracted by hunger while your desk is piled up with work.



Since olives are high in fat and low in carbs, they make an awesome snack for work. You can eat them directly or with cheese or even with slices of vegetables, as you like. Olives, combined with these foods, certainly make a nutritious and tasty snack that will keep your feelings of hunger at bay for the next few hours.



Eggs are the most effective food to consume while you are on a low carb diet. They are the holy grail of low carb foods, hands down! Hard boiled eggs can be eaten as a snack at work. Just peel them and they are ready to eat. They are extremely healthy as they have a good amount of protein and fat. Meanwhile, do not throw the yolk away – you will be throwing away the important nutrients!


Peanut butter

A couple of spoons of unsweetened peanut butter can help you fight off the laziness and tiredness when you are at work. Don’t believe it? Try for yourself! You can even add some sweetener to it if you like the feeling of gulping down a dessert.


Protein shake

If you like to keep your snack time simple yet refreshing, mix the whey powder with water in your protein shaker and voila! You can also have it combined with one or two berries. This would help in ending your slump and keeping you energized at work.


Celery sticks

 Although celery may sound a healthy, albeit boring, addition to your snack list, combining it with blue cheese or peanut butter will make it appealing. In addition to this, you can also simply dip it in sour cream and enjoy. The crunchiness of celery when combined with these items makes it a very enjoyable snack.



Full-fat yogurt

Full-fat yogurt has a low carb content. The addition of almonds and/or blueberries at the top complements it so well – you are indeed going to love it! Try it as a snack at work and we won’t be surprised if it becomes your all-time favorite. You need to check the labels while buying the yogurt though, as some contain a lot of sugar. You do not want to lose the ‘consistency key’ now, do you?



Since low carb diet restricts you from enjoying many fruits, you can consider berries as a replacement. They do not only look appealing but are undoubtedly mouth-watering. Be it blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, they are always a pleasant treat and a mood-lifter. Who would not like to indulge in the sweetness of berries while at work?


Avocado chips

Going to resume work after a fun-filled weekend? So why not prepare something different than the usual? Avocado chips will make your Monday less boring! Avocados are rich in fats, vitamins and other nutrients. Its nutritional value and taste make these chips a must-try. All you have to do is mix avocados with cheese, salt and seasonings, flatten and then bake them. As a result, you will get crispy and yummy avocado chips which would be difficult to resist.



Dark chocolate

If you like dark chocolate despite of its slightly bitter taste, you may as well eat it as a snack at work. However, while buying one, choose the one with the most cocoa percentage and the least amount of carbs. Enjoy a couple of squares during snack time and your energy level will boost up.


Cherry tomatoes

The cute, round, bite-sized tomatoes are yet another low carb food item that you can eat in between meals at work. Whether you decide to eat them directly or combine them with cheese or yogurt, they are a sweet way of having a quick snack.


Mushroom bites

If you are a fan of hot and spicy food, then this one is for you! Mushrooms, already rich in nutrients, when combined with cheese and jalapenos turn into an amazing immunity-boosting snack. They are likely to keep your hunger and lethargy away until it is time for your meal.



Canned tuna is one of the most essential foods to keep at all times. Similar to the other whole fish, tuna has zero carbs and is high in protein content. In addition to being healthy, it is very portable and, of course, delicious. It would be a delight to have a can of tuna on your desk when your energy level crashes in the mid-afternoon.


Mid-afternoon slump is something very common that all of us experience. When you are at home, you may doze off and take a quick nap but it is not possible when you are at work where you are required to be active and alert all the time. Hence, it can be intimidating.


Lack of energy and exhaustion will negatively affect your job performance. You would not want that, would you? Try these ideas of snacks at work to survive the whole day ahead. These delicious snacks will keep you full, active and energized without ruining your low carb diet. We are sure you would love to kill two birds with one stone!

Guest post by Muhammad Waqas



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