A Guide to Creating a Vegetable Garden for Every Space
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Looking to add some extra color and nutrition to your meals this season? Try growing your own vegetables!


Whether your space is large, small, or even a container on a patio – you’ve got fantastic vegetable options available. For instance, vegetables like cucumber, eggplant, and green onion can be grown in container garden. Just make sure you avoid dark-colored or treated wood containers, and ensure that your plant is placed in direct sunlight for at least six hours every day.


Salad lovers can grow lettuce, arugula and spinach in raised bed garden. Use wood, brick, rocks, or cement blocks to frame the bed, and have the long side of the bed facing south for equal light exposure.



If you have some extra space you can try creating a garden plot. You can even increase garden yields by pairing plants with adequate companions. Vegetables like carrots pair well with peas, lettuce, onion, sage, and tomato!


This infographic helps you navigate your way to the best garden yet. From what grows well in containers, to what materials to choose when it comes to pots, this infographic covers all your container-growing needs. For those with a larger space, this infographic contains plant planning tips, growing guides, and planting advice.

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