What Food Labels Really Mean [Infographic]
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On any trip to the grocery store, you will see a variety of food labels as you go from aisle to aisle. These can be extremely influential and people may be willing to spend more if, for example, they see ‘natural’ on a food label. This term alone helps sell $40 billion worth of food every year. However, the term natural has no official definition and the FDA guidelines for natural food only come recommended. Organic food has more regulation and must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients.


Other labels you might see include grass-fed and naturally raised when you’re buying red meat. These are generally good signs as grass-fed means the animals have access to pasture at all times during the growing season. Naturally raised implies that the animals were raised without growth promotants.


Other labels that may cause confusion are the ones on snack food. We are so often encouraged to buy typically unhealthy foods if we see the words light, low-fat, and reduced-fat on the label. Remember that just because the fat or calorie content is reduced it does not make it healthy. Sometimes when manufacturers reduce fat or calorie content they replace it with other bad for you ingredients.


Check out the full infographic for more information on all things food labels.

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