Heat-powered Refrigerator that Operates Without Electricity and Batteries

Berlin-based startup Coolar is developing a refrigerator that is powered by a solar thermal energy and is totally independent of grid. Coolar is being developed primarily for the use by medical centres and communities that don’t have a stable access to electricity to power devices that cool lifesaving medicine and food.



The Coolar’s technology is based on an adsorption cooling process. The system is powered by warm water that is generated through solar energy and stores energy in isolated water tanks that are much more robust than batteries which are usually used in conventional cooling devices. This allows Coolar to operate in a reliable and eco-friendly way without using electricity from grid or diesel generators.


“Due to the nature of adsorption process, no mechanical parts like compressors are required. This results in the system’s high durability and makes it possible to run it without hazardous lubricants that are used in compressors,” say Coolar founders. They also add that Coolar system has no-freeze guarantee since it uses water as its refrigerant.


Coolar founders state that their solution will help users to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 60% per device compared to the use of traditional cooling devices.


Besides supplying their technology to health centers in developing countries, Coolar founders also plan to provide their “green alternative to conventional refrigerators” to households, agricultural businesses and island resorts in areas where excess heat capacities are easily available.


For more details about Coolar, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska



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