Wave Energy Converter That Generates Electricity from Ocean Waves


Munich-based startup SINN Power has developed wave energy converter that can be used in coastal areas all over the world to supply people with affordable and reliable renewable electricity created from ocean waves.


SINN Power founders position their product as an ecological and economical alternative to traditional diesel generators that are often much more expensive and contribute to the increase of greenhouse gas emissions.


Founders state that, unlike other marine energy technologies, SINN Power wave energy converter gives much greater flexibility since, depending on the wave power in the location and the electricity needs of the customer, the number and the size of wave energy converter’s modules can be individually adjusted.


It’s also important to mention that fact that SINN Power wave energy converter is built from mass-produced standard components – this not only makes wave energy converter easy to transport, install and maintain, but also allows to generate electricity at a much lower cost in remote islands and countries with less developed infrastructure.


In December 2015, to test functionality and corrosion resistance of components, SINN Power successfully installed wave energy converter module in original size at the port of Heraklion in Crete (Greece). The module will be operating on the port wall by the end of 2016 since the team expects to derive further insights for the development of the floating SINN Power wave energy converter.


Founders of SINN Power mostly target coastal communities and consumers in remote islands such as hotels or tourism resorts. SINN Power also plans the installation of wave energy converter between offshore wind farms to feed electricity into a public grid on an industrial scale.


For more details about SINN Power, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska



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