Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?
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According to a roofing company in Frisco, solar panels are an excellent choice for many homeowners for two significant reasons. Solar panels reduce your impact on the environment because their use helps decrease the home's reliance on traditional energy sources like fossil fuels. It will also lower your energy bill, translating to money in your pocket after you've paid back the cost of materials and installation.


But, not all homes have roofs that are a good fit for solar panels. If your home's roof is made from slate or wood shingles, solar panel installation may be more difficult. The fragile state of these roofs makes them prone to breakage during installation. They may also be less able to bear the weight of the panels.


Ideal Roofing Materials

The best roof for solar panel installation is asphalt, which is a plus for most homeowners since asphalt is the most common roofing option in the United States. Other suitable roofing materials include corrugated metal, clay tile, single ply synthetic rubber roofs, and standing seam metal roofs.


Roof Configuration

Assuming your roof is composed of a suitable material, you'll next need to consider the layout of your roof. Numerous obstructions such as chimneys, skylights, dormers, vents, etc. that cannot be covered may make solar panel installation difficult. Since these are all typical components of roofs, solar panel installers are accustomed to working around these kinds of obstacles.


Roof Slope

The best roof slope for solar panel installation is between 20 and 30 degrees. Homes in northern regions may benefit from a bit higher slope. However, you can still install panels on roofs with flat or highly pitched roofs.


Rain will not drain well off of roofs with no pitch at all. Although you will still be able to experience the benefits of living with solar panels, the rainwater may collect. Also, on highly pitched roofs solar panels may not absorb as much sunlight as panels pitched at between 20 and 30 degrees.


Installing Panels on an Aging Roof

Old roofs are simply not good candidates for solar panel installation. An old roof will need to be replaced soon. So installing panels now will mean you'll have to take them down soon so your roof can be replaced, and then you will have to reinstall the panels. The cost of doing so will add up quickly.


Homeowners Associations

Neighborhoods across America are subject to HOAs. HOAs vary among the types of devices they'll allow being installed. Many HOAs allow solar panel installation. Some do not. If you live in an HOA neighborhood, check first before proceeding with the installation.


Sun Access

Any home situated in a wooded or shaded area may not be an ideal candidate for solar panel installation. If this is the case with your house, check with a solar panel installation company first to assess how much sunlight you can collect with your panels.


Exposure to True South

Houses facing true south are ideally suited for solar panel installation. This configuration will allow the solar panels to collect the most sunlight. Roofs sloping to the East, West, Southeast, and Southwest are good candidates for solar panel installation as well.


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