Best Yogi Destinations in the Pacific to Take Your Yoga Mat To
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Countless people have found the way to inner peace through the nuanced discipline of Yoga. The powerful practice has proven its merit as it has spread over the world and helped so many people with physical, physiological and psychological difficulties. So, since the world has brought yoga to you, now you can bring yoga to the world – more specifically, to the alluring shores of the Pacific. If you have never braved the lands of this vast and gorgeous part of the world, here are the best yogi destinations in the Pacific to take your yoga mat to.



Thailand boasts countless picturesque beaches so you are bound to find a spot that is lonely enough for your yoga session. The magnificent country, which owns about 60% of the coastline on the eponymous gulf, is a lush tropical paradise that is also known for being fairly reasonably priced. If you are a yoga traveler on a budget, this is a tailor-made country for you, as it also boasts over a hundred yoga retreats.

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Costa Rica

When yoga enthusiasts begin to consider going on a Pacific adventure, they usually envision themselves on the sandy beaches of Polynesian worlds and Asian countries. However, considering how vast and multicultural this region actually is, do not forget to keep things fresh by visiting one of many American locations. That being said, you should probably opt to lay your yoga mat on the soil of a true getaway country like Costa Rica. Costa Rica might be small, but it still packs quite a punch in terms of resplendent natural beauties. If none of the three amazing yoga destinations this country has to offer are to your liking, you can always find a suitable accommodation and venture out into nature for your own modular yoga adventure.

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Bora Bora

Head to the heart of the Pacific and visit one of the most treasured island locations in the world – the tropical paradise known as Bora Bora. As soon as you arrive you will realize why they call it the Jewel of the Pacific: its irresistible natural beauties and topographical makeup render it a truly unique place that attracts so many people from afar. The volcanic island is completely surrounded by a beautiful, circular reef of sand dunes and palm trees, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your yoga spot. Treat yourself with the incredibly comfortable accommodation in St Regis Bora Bora and venture onto the gentle resort beach for a first morning session which you can perform as the sun rises over the gleaming Pacific horizon.

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Believe it or not, California has some perfect spots and resorts for yoga lovers, but you’d have to venture a bit further into its incredibly lush pine-tree inflected hinterland. Get away from the hectic urban environments of Los Angeles and San Francisco and head to, for example, Yosemite National Park where you can practice asanas to your heart’s content. If you want to stay in keeping with the theme of Pacific Adventuring with a zeal, you can always venture further up north and find some incredible spots and beaches where you can camp and do yoga.

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The Island of the Gods, known around the world predominantly as Bali, is a place that, in its very moniker, has a spiritual quality that cannot be denied. The transcendental beauty of this Indonesian island and countless ancient temples that are dotted through its lush scenery are a perfect backdrop for getting in touch with both nature and yourself. Once you witness the gorgeous vistas of Bali yourself, you will realize why it is such a popular pilgrimage destination for yogis around the world.

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After your unforgettable adventure on the mystifying shores of the Pacific, you will realize one very important thing – no matter where you place your yoga mat and begin to practice, the balance you find is never about the environment – it’s ever present in you, and the potential to discover new wells of energy and inner peace is completely under your control. In a way, a road to this discovery, which you need to experience rather than know, is what makes travelling around the world with your yoga mat a bona fide pilgrimage.

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