7 Tips for Motivating Yourself to Work Out
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Summer is getting closer and you want that perfect beach body once again. However, you don’t really feel like working out. Well, maybe you just lack motivation, which is a problem you can solve. Here are seven ways for you to motivate yourself and start working out as soon as possible.


Get some company

There aren’t many things that can be as motivating as another person who’s ready to exercise with you regularly. Knowing that somebody else is in the game and that, in a way, they depend on you will make it easier for you to get moving. So, find a partner, and if you can’t, consider hiring a personal coach. It might cost you, but you’ll have somebody to guide you through your workout sessions and make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. The third option is to join a group workout and have a whole village of people to motivate you. In any case, having company is usually more fun than exercising alone.


Eat healthier

Eating junk food and large amounts of sugary foods can lower your energy levels and make you feel sluggish and lazy. Plus, this can make you gain extra weight, making it harder for you to move. So, switching to a healthy diet can make you feel more energetic and the intake of valuable nutrients can even boost your mood, giving you just the right amount of motivation to get moving. In addition, if one of your workout goals is to reach your perfect weight, it will be much easier with you in control of what you eat and how active you are.



Love your workout clothes

We all love to dress nicely, and the same should apply to your workout clothes. They’re supposed to be comfortable and allow you to move whatever way you want, but if, on top of that, they’re cute or sexy, you’ll want to wear them as often as possible. So, get some hot workout booty shorts, combine them with a cropped tee and you’ll feel like a goddess all through your workout routine.


Set achievable goals

If becoming fit is your goal, you’ll find yourself frustrated really soon. First of all, how do you measure being fit? And second, it could take a long time to achieve this goal, which means you may be likely to give up in the meantime. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, set smaller, more measurable ones. For example, if your goal is to be able to wear last year’s jeans in a month or two, you’ll probably be able to achieve it. Once you do, set another, similar one for the next time period and so on. That way, you’ll stay motivated longer.



Be aware of your limits

Once you get the hang of your workout regimen and start seeing results and reaching goals, you might become more ambitious and start pushing yourself harder. You might start working out longer and harder to get better results. That’s ok, but be careful not to overdo it. If you push yourself too hard, you might end up frustrated, lose motivation and even hurt yourself. Avoid this by learning what your limits are and not crossing them.


Variety is fun

Going to the gym regularly and sticking to the same routine for a longer period of time can easily make you bored and want to quit. The solution to this problem is to introduce variety to your workout. Get out of the gym a few times a week and go jogging in your favorite park, or take your bike to the countryside for a lovely day in nature. Also, you can take up some other fun activities, like pole dancing or even urban rebounding. This will spice things up a bit and keep you interested in physical activity, while providing you with much needed motivation.



Reward yourself

Yes, being healthy is the best reward you can get, but it’s not really a tangible one. On the other hand, you should also avoid rewarding yourself with food, especially the unhealthy kind. Instead, buy yourself those shoes you’ve been longing for or that skirt that was too small for you before. Treat yourself to a spa weekend with all the relaxing massages. And if those sound too expensive, your reward can be watching a film at the cinema or a fun day at the beach with your friends. The important thing is to stay motivated.


There are good days and bad days. Sometimes you’ll feel drained and have no motivation at all, and then you’ll feel like you can move a mountain. Motivation is something you need to work on, so do your best and keep yourself motivated the best way you know how.

Guest post by Tracey Clayton



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