The Benefits of Doing Yoga Outdoors
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Yoga is a great way to strengthen both your mind and body, helping you to forge a connection with your spiritual self. Whether you’re a novice or a practiced expert, you can enhance your yogic experience by taking sessions outside. Doing yoga outdoors does much more than gives you your daily dose of vitamin D - spending time in nature can also enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. The next time that you get your yoga outfit out of the closet, try taking things outside and go on a spiritual journey.


Connect With Nature

These days, it’s easy to let your connection with the natural world wither. Getting swept up in a busy lifestyle can leave you with little time to take a step back and appreciate the great outdoors. Moving your yoga routine to your yard is a great way to work in some time each day to strengthen your bond with nature. You can use the earth to ground yourself as you move and breathe in crisp, fresh air as you practice breathing techniques. You don’t necessarily have to restrict your yoga sessions to your yard either. You can also take your workouts to the park, the forest, or the beach depending on where you live.



Re-Energize Yourself

Long days at home or the office can leave you feeling drained and irritable, which is not only bad for the mind but also the body. Stress can take its toll physically in the form of insomnia, high blood pressure, lowered immune function, and much more. Spending time in nature can help us to replenish depleted energy reserves, keeping our minds sharp and active. At the same time, the great outdoors can also help to soothe and relax a stressed body.



Improve Your Focus

Both yoga and meditation can be enhanced by nature. Being outdoors helps to clear the mind and allows you to better focus on your inner self. People who are exposed to a forest environment have been shown to have a lower concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in their system, which allows the brain to maintain focus. You’re less likely to become distracted by intrusive thoughts.


Practicing yoga outside allows you to feel the wind in your hair and the grass beneath your feet as you work on connecting with your spiritual self. Nature enhances yoga sessions and meditation, giving us a greater sense of clarity and focus. This spring, try to take your yoga routine outside for a truly uplifting experience.

Guest post by Sally Collins



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