Dutch Company Has Developed Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Homes

Dutch company Sustainer Homes is developing and producing self-sustained off-grid homes that are made from shipping containers. The main mission of Sustained Homes is to create homes that have a minimum impact on environment both in the process of their production and over their lifetime.


Houses produced by Sustainer Homes are beautifully designed and are fully self-sufficient. They have solar panel and solar collectors installed on the rooftop which generate electricity. Rainwater is being collected and filtered in a tank, so that it can be used as a potable water. Water from shower and composting toilet runs through a plant-based filter 6 times to mimic the earth’s natural filtration mechanisms before it is being released into the ground. In addition, homes are equipped with highly efficient heat pump and high quality recyclable insulation panels to ensure the best temperature in winter and summer.


Currently, the company offers 3 home designs. However, each design is highly customizable and can be adapted to your needs. Sustainer Homes can be used as holiday homes, office spaces, or as an alternative to traditional homes since they are built with comfort and durability in mind. What’s more, Sustainer Homes can be shipped anywhere.





To learn more about Sustainer Homes, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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