Meet Finch Buildings, Energy-Efficient Wooden Real Estate

Dutch startup Finch Buildings is developing and building eco-friendly wooden real estate that is as flexible as Lego.


Finch Buildings are based on modular system which allows to construct different kinds of buildings – hotels, holiday homes, student housing – and adapt them to different surroundings and circumstances.



Real estate produced by Finch Buildings is fully sustainable since it’s equipped with smart technology that makes buildings energy-efficient, its modules are made of renewable solid timber and are all-electric, harvesting energy for its operation from renewable resources.



To build its real estate, Finch Buildings uses wood only from certified forest. All the wood being cut for buildings production is then replanted. Founders of startup also state that, besides being energy-efficient and flexible, Finch Buildings also provide uncompromised health for users.


For more details about Finch Buildings, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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