City Tree of Future That Helps Reduce Air Pollution in Urban Areas


A startup based in German city of Dresden created innovative solution CityTree that helps to reduce air pollution in urban areas.


CityTree comes in a form of a free-standing vertical display which is 4 meters high, 3 meters wide and half a meter deep. The display is equipped with IoT technology and filled with a combination of special moss cultures and plants that filter fine dust, nitrogen oxides and carbon oxygen, allowing to significantly reduce air pollution in the area where CityTree is installed. As it is mentioned on the company’s website, this combination of mosses and plants has environmental efficiency of more than 275 normal trees.


In addition, CityTree display also serves as an advertising panel showing text, pictures and other digital information. CityTree is being equipped with photovoltaic panels which generate energy required for control, monitoring and transmission technology. The CityTree takes care of the plants itself, since the photovoltaics on the roof and a water tank inside ensure automatic irrigation control.


In addition, CityTree has integrated benches and offers such services as Wi-Fi hotspot and e-bike charging stations.



All the data obtained by CityTree can be used by companies and key decision makers to improve cities with effective air cleaning measures.


According to founders, CityTree can filter up to 250g of Particulate Matter daily, help reduce up to 15% of nitrogen oxides per year and bind up to 240t of CO2e.


CityTree has already been installed in German towns - Jena and Reutlingen - and Norwegian capital Oslo.



The company plans to install this solution in other cities throughout Germany and gain presence in Chinese market.


To learn more about CityTree, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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