Solar-Powered Table That Lets You Charge Home Appliances

London-based agency Caventou, founded by award-winning designer of materials and objects Marjan van Aubel and named after the French chemist Joseph Biename Caventou, created solar-powered Current Table.



The entire surface of a Current Table is made of dye-sensitized solar cells that were developed in Switzerland by Nobel Prize nominee Michael Grätzel. These solar cells mimic natural photosynthesis and convert light into energy. What’s more, they are able to operate efficiently under diffuse light.



Thanks to this technology, Current Table is able to harvest energy from indirect light indoors. This energy can be used to charge home appliances such as phone or laptop since the table comes with built-in USB port and battery that stores energy.


According to founders, the main idea is to integrate solar cells naturally into our daily lives. Caventou aims to achieve this by combining the latest solar technology with design aesthetics.


To learn more about Current Table and other upcoming products developed by Caventou, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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