Friendly Home Modifications For Seniors Aging in Place
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elderly at home


It is always great to have our elderly loved ones and seniors in our homes. Even though it can get hard at times, it is still a great privilege to have our loved ones with us. However, most of our homes can present dangers for our seniors, especially the places we often overlook. Whether it be our doorways or our living room, we must make sure that our house is accident-proof so our elders can move around freely.

The first step to keeping our houses safe is to know the areas that need improvement. For our bathrooms, this can be the slippery floors or the sharp edges in showers. We can deal with this by installing safety handles that will be of great help to our elders. Another unsafe place in our house is usually the stairway. Our seniors are at risk when going up or down steep stairways, so we must make the necessary adjustments for them or hire a caregiver in CT.

Another modification we can add to our homes is the use of assistive technology. Medical alert systems are great tools to alert any contacts or emergency services in case any accidents happen to our loved ones. However, even if we modify our homes for our beloved seniors, it is still a great idea to hire a caregiver. Caregivers can give our beloved seniors the love and care that they need, from meal preparations to doing their laundry. CT home care for elders is a great way to hire a caregiver for your elderly.

To learn more about how you can modify your home, you can check out this infographic by our friends at Euro-American Connections and Homecare, your source for the best caregivers in Connecticut.

elderly at home


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