Health Issues You Shouldn't Ignore if You Are Traveling Frequently
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health issues while traveling


Whether your job requires you to travel abroad regularly, you have family members out of the country that you visit often, or you simply seize every opportunity to visit places you’ve never been to before, there are certain health concerns you should take into account. This especially applies to those people who travel long distances and to developing countries. Here are some of the most common health issues you should worry about if you travel frequently.


Watch out for bugs

There are many diseases you can catch if you get bitten by certain bugs, such as ticks, mosquitoes, flies or fleas. From malaria and Zika, to yellow fever and Lyme disease, you could end up with some very serious consequences. This is why it’s essential to see your doctor before your trip and ask if there are shots or some sort of medicine to help you prevent these bug-bite diseases. The main problem, however, is that diseases like Zika, dengue or Lyme disease aren’t really preventable, although there are some ways to lower the risk of getting infected with one of them. Simple things like wearing long sleeves and pants to cover your skin properly, using a bug-repellent, or choosing a hotel room with screens on doors and windows can protect you to some extent, so make sure you do your best to stay safe.


back pain while traveling


Think about your back

If your trip requires you to sot for over twelve hours, it might be very painful for your back to stay seated for that long. Of course, you have to get up from time to time to stretch and simply take a few steps, but even that isn’t enough sometimes. Another back-related concern are adventure travels, where people go to explore an area which is often secluded and hard to reach, making it more appealing to adventure lovers. There is usually a lot of physical activity involved, but also extreme activities, ranging from rock climbing and rafting to paragliding and bungee jumping. In case you hurt your back in one of your travels, it’s essential to react as soon as possible and to find a reliable doctor if you’re in need of surgery. These surgical interventions carry a certain risk, which is something your doctor should be open with you about. An example of good practice is the acclaimed Dr. Timothy Steel, a neurosurgeon, who describes his procedures and their results in detail in his journals, which can help potential patients make a decision about their own back problems.


Consider food and water safety

food and water safety

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When traveling abroad, and especially to developing countries, there is always some risk of food and water contamination. If you eat such food, you can end up with travelers’ diarrhea, but also several other diseases. To avoid this, stay away from street food, any kind of raw food - and this doesn’t just include meat and fish, but also fruit and vegetables. If you really want to try a fruit or a vegetable, make sure you wash it in bottled water and that you peel it and slice it yourself, so that you’re sure they’re clean. The safest food you can eat is packaged food or food that’s steaming hot since this means all germs have been killed by the heat. As far as drinks are concerned, stick to the bottled or canned ones, but you can also have hot drinks, but only if you’re sure that the water in them has been boiled. And finally, under no circumstances should you drink tap water or take the ice in your drinks.


Deal with motion sickness

Suffering from motion sickness can actually steer you away from taking fun trips since it means you have to tackle nausea and dizziness it causes. But why do you get motion sickness? Basically, it occurs due to a disbalance of what you see and what you sense in your inner ear while traveling in cars, planes, trains, buses or boats. This is something that can affect anybody, but kids and pregnant women more than other people. If this is something that happens to you when you travel, you should take certain precautions. For instance, sit in the front of a bus or a car, and if in a plane, sit just over one of the wings. If you’re going on a cruise, ask for a cabin in the center of the cruiser. Also, try to always focus your view on the horizon and avoid spicy food and fizzy drinks before or during the trip. If all else fails, there are over-the-counter medicines for motion sickness you can turn to, just to stay on the safe side.


If you want your trips to be unforgettable, but in a good way, make sure you do whatever’s in your power to prevent these health issues.

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