How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape the Future of Energy


Artificial Intelligence is a big topic right now in relation to the tech we can expect in the future, the impact on everyday life it could have as well as firing up our imaginations about sci-fi style robots of the future.


But what could Artificial Intelligence, or AI, really do for us? Fuel Fighter has looked at the impact on the energy sector that AI could have. After all, finding new and more efficient ways to produce and use energy is becoming ever more important.


AI is providing rapid, consistent and accurate technology to the energy industry and this will only continue to grow. Suggestions of how AI will aid the energy sector include self-heating grids, outage prediction, cybersecurity systems and optimisation. All of these will be far more efficient than humans could achieve on their own.


AI is a complex, changing field but there’s no doubt AI and energy will be connected in the future.




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