How Awards Help to Motivate People and Boost Their Performance
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Getting recognition for doing something is a great feeling and can be a huge motivating factor as well. It makes you feel as if all of your hard work was seen and appreciated by others and that if you do it again, you'll get even more recognition. In part, getting trophies, medals, or other recognition awards is a huge deal and a sign of success and is a big motivator. If you don't get first place the first time around, you'll be even more motivated the next time because you are aiming high and want to go for gold or first place.


Many authors receive awards and recognition for their work. A book that has received awards tells others that it is a good book and they are much more likely to choose it over a book that doesn't have any "stamp of approval." Movies are also rated and rating tells people whether they are worth watching or not.


In the workplace, it can be a huge motivator if employees get incentives such as having their picture on the wall for the “employee of the month” or if they get a special parking place. Monetary gifts, such as a gift card or trips or free vacations, are also great "awards" and can inspire good work ethic in the workplace.


A great way to recognize someone for all their hard work or for helping their class to reach a goal is giving an individual award. An individual award helps to boost a person's self-confidence. It also inspires others to do the same.


Awards are given as recognition for many different achievements and are a great way to show appreciation for meeting certain goals. Awards are used in the workplace, in schools, and other educational facilities, and even in communities. If you have a prize-winning garden and you enter it into a competition, you may just receive an award for all of your hard work. Even a simple acknowledgment or a "thank you" can be a great kind of "award." It doesn't always have to be a physical award such as a trophy or medal. It could even be a movie night or a gift card to a restaurant.


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Trophies are a great way to remember a specific achievement and make a great keepsake. It also makes for a great conversation piece. They're especially wonderful to children and are a really big deal and, especially, if they've never received one before. It enforces a strong work ethic as well as communicates to them that if you set goals and reach them, others will notice and will reward them for it which is a huge motivating factor. Children also need to feel as if they are appreciated and accepted.


Sometimes in a class setting, it can be hard to recognize everyone's efforts and hard work, so award ceremony is a great way to give everyone an atta boy and to show students that they are noticed for all of their uniqueness and for their teamwork. To make it extra special, you could host an award night and invite parents to attend. You could even send out invites and have everyone dress up for the occasion. You could even decorate as if it looks more like the Grammys and literally roll out a red carpet. Invite each student to the front so that they can receive their award and say a couple of things. Recognition of hard work goes a long way to motivate people and makes them feel as if they are a part of a team whether it is in a classroom setting or in the workplace.


A trophy inevitably represents great success whether it is for a sport achievement or for an intellectual achievement or even for just being a great employee. Getting a trophy always feels great and especially if you get to enjoy a nice ceremony or dinner when you are presented with it. It is a great way to say "thank you" for all the hard work. If you are on the receiving end, it is something that you will cherish for many years to come. It is better than getting a simple "thank you" because you can put it on display.



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