How Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight?
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Have you recently gained weight that you want to shed? Do you wonder if and why exercising is the most effective way to do it? Well, you are certainly not alone. With the sedentary lifestyle and changes in diet, the increasing weight has become a common issue plaguing the lives of many.

While diet plays a pivotal role in managing weight, it cannot help you lose weight alone. Regular exercise, along with diet, can be your path to reaching the target weight. If you are wondering how exercising can be a god-sent help for you, read on to find out.  

How does exercise help lose weight?

We have grown up listening about the importance of exercising. It can not only help improve your overall health and keep you away from diseases but can also help you get slim.

Here are a few easy ways to use exercise to shed extra kilos.

Burn more calories

The fuel that your body needs to function comes from the food you consume. The metabolism rate of your body decides how fast or slow you will burn these calories. When you are leading a sedentary life, your body doesn’t need much energy and all the surplus calories get accumulated in your body.

But, when you indulge in regular exercises your metabolism rate increases. You can burn more calories that you get from the diet and lose weight quickly. Adding aerobic exercises to your daily schedule can be the best way to get fit and shed the weight. If you want an increased metabolism rate, you can even try Anavar supplement.

Decreasing the hunger pangs

Increased appetite or hunger can lead to an increase in weight. While some people eat when they are hungry, others might eat because of sheer boredom.

Indulging in exercises can often lead to more hunger for people. While exercising, your body pulls out the stored fat and glucose from your tissues and uses it. Due to this, you may feel more hungry in the initial few days. But very soon the feeling of hunger will turn into the feeling of well-being, and your appetite may also decrease significantly. With regular exercising, you will be able to say goodbye to your hunger pangs and get control on your diet.




Help lose fat

When it comes to weight loss, people make a grave mistake of focusing more on dieting and not exercising. With dieting alone, your body tends to   lose 25% of muscles  along with 75% of fat. It is so because when you cut down the calorie intake, the body looks for alternative sources of energy. The easiest and readily available source of energy is from the muscle protein.

Muscle loss can lead to a decrease in the metabolic rate which can make it more difficult for you to lose weight. You can incorporate weight training in your exercise schedule to   maintain the muscle mass  and also lose weight easily. Getting supplements like cannabidiol is also an unconventional way to lose weight. Surprisingly, products like marijuana are known to possess CBD in them. One can  buy weed online  and get their dosage of CBD from it.   

 Affects hormonal balance

Hormones are the chemicals produced by the endocrine system. These chemicals help control the cellular functions in your body. The hormones can influence a number of physiological processes in your body like the hydration level, metabolism, synthesis of muscle protein, reproductive health, and even your mood. An imbalance in the level of hormones can hamper your weight loss journey.

If you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance, exercises can come to your aid. There are 5 different hormones that a regular fitness regime can help with. They are:


Irisin, also known as the exercise hormone, performs the task of fighting fat. It activates genes that convert white fat into good brown fat and regulates the unidentified stem cells to become bone-building cells and not fat storage. Regular exercise can increase the level of this hormone and boost metabolism.


Testosterone is the hormone produced by Leydig cells. While it is a primary male sex hormone, small amounts of it are also present in women. Testosterone can help with the growth of muscles and repair the muscle protein that is damaged during exercise. With a proper exercise schedule, it can lead to an increase in the level of this hormone and reduce belly fat.

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) plays a vital role as it contributes to the strength of your muscles and bones and also regulates fat metabolism. High-intensity workouts involving weights can stimulate the production of HGH and lead to easy metabolism of the body fat.   

Final thoughts

Whether you have a big event coming up or plan to get healthy, your weight loss journey starts with exercising. While achieving your weight goal might seem like a far-fetched dream now, but with the right diet and exercise regime, it can be a reality. All you have to do is find an activity that you love doing, make a schedule, and then stick to it. You will not only be able to shed the extra kilos that you’ve gained but also become healthier and away from diseases.


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