How Does Cannabis Help Improve Workout Performance?
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cannabis and workouts


For decades, cannabis has had a bad image. But, nowadays, due to the liberalization of cannabis laws in countries like Canada and the US, people's attitude towards cannabis has changed. A typical notion about cannabis is that it's known to raise appetite and provide a feeling of pleasure, which can give rise to obesity. But, reports show a different scenario. Those who consumed cannabis had a low body fat index. Isn't it amazing? Smoking your favorite strain and yet losing all that fat. The information provided in this article would undoubtedly uncover the relationship between cannabis and workout.


Better Post Workout Recovery

Injuries and exercise share a daunting relationship. People must consider recovery as a crucial process and act accordingly to get themselves back to their fitness playground. A few investigations have demonstrated THC concentrates can be as viable as sedatives in treating muscle pain, however, considerably less addictive. Usually, post-surgery, doctors prescribe pain killers to the athlete. But now, THC extracts found can be used during the recovery process to reap in similar benefits as painkillers. To reap all the benefits, one can grow cannabis at the comfort of their home by planting good quality marijuana seeds.


Although Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) makes it extremely specific that marijuana in any form is prohibited for enhancing sports performance, surprisingly cannabidiol (CBD), the substance, is answerable for a significant number of its therapeutic advantages. With that, there was another change for 2018's prohibited substances. Now CBD can be sold over the counter through any licensed dispensaries as it's proven to be non-psychoactive. With the complete legalization of CBD products in some countries, there are profound benefits for any fitness enthusiast. Post-workout problems related to muscle inflammation, soreness and stress reduction can be easily tackled by an appropriate dosage of CBD.


Increased Mental Focus

You may have known about cannabis' mysterious advantages, some of which include increased endurance, reduced soreness, etc. As per Dr. June Chin, CBD specifically may lessen irritation and, in this manner, increase your capacity to focus harder by calming any annoying torment you have.


Researchers interviewed around 600 active cannabis users over the age of 21 living in California, Nevada, Colorado & Washington about their cannabis consumption patterns and exercise regimes. Surprisingly, those individuals who took herbs an hour before work out as well as four hours after work out revealed getting almost 43 extra minutes of activity every week than the cannabis users who didn't.


Those who have been vaping cannabis before exercises, and recuperating with an edible after that, discovered that it assisted with inspiration on days when one would not like to go and workout. When lifting, it encourages one to focus on slow rep moments, hence more muscle contraction. Additionally, cannabis makes running more tolerable. One can visit weedsmart's website and compare various strains and their effects.




Stimulates Fat Loss

The human body comprises of an endocannabinoid system. This system responds to various composites through CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors subside in the brain and central nervous system (CNS), whereas CB2 receptors exist throughout. In obese individuals, CB1 receptors existed in large numbers. So, investigators believe that there might be a link between CB1 receptors and obesity.


According to studies, CBD dissolves away fat within the body by separating the fat and dispensing it from the body as waste. Moreover, overactivation of the CB1 receptors in the fat tissue correlates with metabolic disorder and obesity that leads to diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol. CBD assists in blocking CB1 receptors, implying that it may diminish the danger of obesity.


Better Testosterone Levels

One of the significant effects exercise has on our body is the secretion of hormones. Regardless of age, anyone who exercises enjoys a splendid boost of hormone release, which regulates the entire body functioning. One such hormone released by our body is testosterone. Appropriate serum testosterone levels in the body ensure smooth muscle building and recovery. Interestingly, concerning the impact of weed on levels of testosterone, in a recent report directed by the NIH and the CDC, almost 1500 men aged 18 to 29 in the US were evaluated for levels of serum testosterone. The result revealed that "serum testosterone levels were higher in men with frequent marijuana use. "So, consuming cannabis in any form, be it tincture, gummies, vaping, cannabis seeds, etc. combined with weight training can be attributed to testosterone release, which in turn can build muscle.



A large number of drugs such as DMT, opioids can be harmful to you; however, we can’t completely ignore therapeutic advantages offered by cannabis. For instance, if you had issues getting ready for a workout, cannabis intake might fix that.


Currently, there is not enough evidence to support cannabis as proof of being “performance-enhancing”. However, inevitably, there are users who report utilizing cannabis instead of regular painkillers or sleeping pills to aid recovery. Furthermore, regardless, ensure the exercise you've picked is a light one, to begin with.



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