How Green Construction Can Help Us Save the Earth


There’s no need to say that we all need to try a little bit harder to preserve the Earth. Not so while ago, green construction was only a concept, but it seems we’ve finally got to realize its benefits and see more and more of it in practice. Due to the pace at which technology advances, sustainable construction brought us some new methods that can help us preserve the environment. If you’re wondering what these are, keep on reading.


Introducing eco-friendly materials

First of all, it’s very important to say that the construction companies have finally started to rely more on eco-friendly materials. For example, natural stone is now being used quite a lot in construction, mostly due to its durability and flexibility. It’s used for a whole range of construction elements such as insulation cladding. Another great eco-friendly material that is starting to gain popularity is recycled wood. Using recycled materials is always a good move when going eco-friendly, and construction companies are starting to rely on it as much as possible. It’s usually made of wood fibers and plastic waste.


Developing eco-friendly insulation materials

One of the biggest problems when it comes to insulation is that most insulation materials are toxic. They contain chemicals and similar additives, and that’s why researchers have been developing more eco-friendly alternatives. As a result, we now have insulation made of natural materials, such as wool and cellulose. Cellulose insulation is an extremely effective solution since it comes in different shapes and can be blown into even the smallest walls and floors. Construction companies are now using these materials and occupants have to use less energy to keep their homes warm in winter and cool in summer.




Using the right equipment

The type of equipment used on a construction site also plays a huge role in preserving the environment. There are quite a few pieces of equipment that have been designed specifically to keep everyone near a construction site safe and reduce the impact the construction has on the planet. That said, investing in quality scaffolding is always a good idea. It has been shown that scaffolding helps reduce the number of workplace injuries and provides safe access to any work area. On top of this, it’s more sustainable than some other options, such as scissor lifts. It’s also important to mention that construction companies need to store their materials carefully and prevent things like oil and antifreeze from entering the drains.


Making cool roofs

Reducing our energy usage is one of the most important steps towards greener living. This is exactly why construction companies are trying to construct buildings with cool roofs made of special tiles and reflective paints. What these do is absorb less heat than traditional roofs, bringing more comfort to the occupants of the building. This results in occupants relying less on air conditioners to keep their homes cool. And because of reduced energy consumption, the emissions of greenhouse gas are reduced as well. Moreover, on the collective level, this type of roofing can help reduce the heat island effect in many urban areas.



Using green lighting alternatives

One of the most affordable green solutions in the construction industry is using green lighting. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are now being widely used and it seems like they’re starting to replace incandescent lights in full. And not only are homeowners making this switch, but construction companies are starting to do so as well. This means that most of the new buildings come with already installed LED lights. What’s so great about LED lights is that they use less energy than incandescent ones. On top of this, they’re also more durable and have a longer lifespan.


The construction industry is constantly evolving and we finally have a chance to see new buildings being constructed in a more eco-friendly manner. Hopefully, researchers and construction companies will find more ways to help preserve the environment and start implementing them as soon as possible.

Guest post by Carolin Petterson



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