How Often You Should Clean These Areas in Your House
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Some areas of the house obviously need to be cleaned and we will always get these done. However, other areas of the house are a little less obvious and they may not get the attention they need. This infographic from HappyCleans looks at some areas of your home you may not have thought about cleaning and will hopefully give you a good idea of how often they need to get done.


One area that sometimes doesn’t receive enough attention are the fan vents and if left too long dust, pollen and other allergens are going to get caught there. You should remove the cover and vacuum the unit with a crevice tool and soak the cover in warm and soapy water before putting it back on. You should try to get this done on all fan vents at least once a month.


It isn’t a nice topic but the toilet bowl really should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Add a ½ cup of white vinegar or ¼ cup chlorine bleach before brushing the entire interior with a toilet brush and flushing. If the toilet has a hard water ring, leave it sit for 60 minutes before brushing clean. Check out the entire infographic now to find out more!




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