How to Deal With Pandemic Fatigue
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Are you so tired of looking at the same four walls, you’re starting to fantasize about sledgehammers and prison breaks? If you have a hefty dose of pandemic fatigue, you are far from alone. Who would have guessed in March of last year that much of society would remain behind doors? 

However, while hope is on the horizon, now is not the time to get sloppy. You are almost to the finish line — please hold steady a little bit longer to keep you, your family and other people safe. While you wait for the world to return to normal, here’s how to deal with pandemic fatigue. 

1. Make Some Plans 

Even if you don’t feel secure traveling just yet, there is nothing wrong with taking a mini-mental vacation. If you haven’t already, why not check out some of the most famous world museums via a virtual tour? It can help slake your cultural thirst even if visiting the Louvre wasn’t in your budget, pandemic or no pandemic. 

You can also renew your motivation and lust for life with a little goal-setting. Why not get on Google Maps and plan the ultimate post-pandemic road trip? If you have the means to wander further afield, start drafting your European backpacking itinerary for when restrictions lift. Daydreaming about your future trip is far more psychologically healthy than resigning yourself to yet another Netflix binge. 

2. Tackle a Home Improvement Project

Were you one of those who took the opportunity for a bit of downtime instead of jumping into projects when the pandemic broke? If so, take advantage of your newfound restlessness and transform it into the necessary motivation to finally build that compost bin or screen-in your patio. 

While lumber prices continue to rise, you have alternatives for smaller projects. Building a birdhouse? Why not snag a free wooden pallet from your local hardware store instead of dropping s small fortune on two-by-fours? You’ll save money and trees — pat yourself on the back for your eco-friendliness. 

3. Get in the Garden 

Unless you live in the hottest zone, you are right in the middle of spring planting seasons. If you live further north, get those seedlings started on a sunny windowsill. You can even save money at the nursery by learning how to use those from your organic groceries. Once you establish your heirloom line, you won’t need to spend as much at the store. 

Now is also the ideal time to spruce up your landscaping. Pull those weeds by the roots now before they get out of control, and you won’t need chemical pesticides. 

4. Start a New Fitness Plan 

You don’t have to jump on the “summer swimsuit body” bandwagon, but getting more movement in your life will make you healthier. Why not find something new and unique to bust boredom? Here are some out-of-the-box suggestions: 

  • Paddleboard or aerial yoga: Did you think you mastered tree pose balance over the past year? Wait till you try it on the water. 
  • Pole dancing: Do you want to get in touch with your sensual side while building incredible body strength? Learn how professional dancers turn the pole into acrobatic wizardry. 
  • Parkour: What’s the quickest way from point A to point B? It’s a straight line — and obstacles only become challenges. 

5. Bring on Arts and Crafts 

Chances are, you lived for arts and crafts time as a kid. Why shun it as an adult, especially since there’s no one to stop you from going full-on Jackson Pollack and getting as messy as you like? 

You might have to try a few things to discover what you love. Once you do, you can always bring in a little side cash from your hobby by opening up an Etsy shop. 

6. Take Day Trips 

Maybe you can’t take that Parisian tour yet, but there’s nothing to stop you from loading up the family truckster and hitting the local sites. Pretend you are a tourist and research things to do in your hometown. 

If you live in an area that gets a lot of sightseeing traffic, you might find attractions too packed for your comfort on weekends. If you have flextime over the pandemic, use that perk — do your duties on a Saturday and spend a Wednesday afternoon having fun while avoiding crowds. 

7. Support a Local Restaurant

Restaurants still need your help — if you have had your vaccinations and feel comfortable, why not support a local venue? You’ll probably need to make reservations, as limited capacity seating restrictions can drive up demand. Still, you’ll get to enjoy an evening on the town, you won’t have to do dishes and you can feel good about helping your community. 

8. Head to the Water 

Getting out in nature alone boosts your mood, but heading to the water may be even more effective. People overwhelmingly associate the color blue with tranquility and peace. If you live near the shore, why not plan a day trip? If you are one of the many landlocked Americans, a kayaking or canoeing excursion on a local lake or river can bust pandemic fatigue for the day. 

9. Form New Friendships 

Are you one of the many who formed new virtual friendships during the lockdowns? If so, why not help your friends eliminate pandemic fatigue, too, by planning to get together once restrictions lift? 

If you bonded over your shared love of gardening, why not plan to hit an upcoming expo together? If you joined a book circle and read something by a local writer, is there a signing where you could make your in-real-life (IRL) introductions? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with meeting up at your favorite coffee shop or tea house. 

Pandemic Fatigue? Use These 9 Tips to Deal  

If you have pandemic fatigue after months indoors, you are not alone. The nine tips above can help you to deal and stay safe for a little while longer. 


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