How to Make Your Backyard as Luxurious as the Interior of Your Home
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No matter how much thought and work you put into designing and maintaining your yard, it simply doesn’t provide you with the same sense of comfort and luxury as your home. It’s not good because it discourages you and your family from spending time outside – and why should you if the interiors are more comfortable?


However, you can make the exterior just as comfortable as the interior of your home. Here are some ideas for bringing a bit of the luxury into your yard.


Make an outdoor living room

One of the fanciest things you can do with your patio is to transform it into a gorgeous outdoor living room. Now, think big. You can install a home cinema, for example, or you can simply have an outdoor TV. In order to get a bit of extra comfort, find a beautiful outdoor carpet which can provide a sense of warmth. Make sure your patio is well-furnished and every piece of furniture is large and comfy, and add a bunch of pillows to them. All of these combined will create the unmistakable sense of coziness which we often associate with living rooms. It's a great way to bring a bit of luxury outside.


The organization of an outdoor living room starts with the furniture, but it doesn’t end there. Decorative bits are just as important when it comes to creating a beautiful space. Bring out some candles if they’re your cup of tea, or decorate the “room” with figurines, ornaments, or photo frames. Make sure your new living room shows your personality in the best light.


Light up the space

Is there anything more romantic than a candle-lit dinner under the stars, drinking a fancy wine and listening to smooth jazz in the background, in the company of your significant other? However, candles aren’t the only romantic option out there. Find a beautiful set of string lights, for example, or some extra posh lanterns. This kind of lighting can make all the difference in the atmosphere, and transform your nice patio into a fairy tale site.


Install a fire feature on your patio

Fire features are all the rage right now. Usually, they come in the form of fire pits, which are the more affordable option, and they're really practical. However, an even more stylish alternative is an outdoor fireplace. There is just something about fireplaces (indoor and outdoor) that oozes serenity, warmth, and luxury. If after a long day you can look forward to coming back home, drinking a cup of tea and reading a nice book while listening to the cracking of fire, wouldn’t that make it so much easier to get through the day? And even better – you can do it under the open sky, instead of having to light a fire inside on a warm day.


Make a Zen spot

If you feel that you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, you may consider making your own Zen spot. It’s great for relaxation, yoga and meditation, and therefore very beneficial to your overall well-being. Hire professionals to create your own little oasis in your garden. Make a pond or a little stream, in order to enjoy the sound of running water. Grow some lotus in your little pond, and make sure you are surrounded by traditional Japanese plants to give you the experience of a true Zen garden. The very sight of it will be breathtaking, and you will look forward to spending your time there.


Build a swimming pool

This one is a no-brainer, right? In countries with a warmer climate, like Australia, a swimming pool really is a must-have. Sure, it takes some work and adjustments on the house itself, besides the actual building of the pool, but you can always call for help some professionals like those at Sphere renovation services. Swimming pools provide you with an opportunity for everyday exercise, and swimming is a very relaxing activity. It releases stress in addition to burning calories, so there are no downsides to it. The best thing about swimming is that it's almost free of the risk of injury (other than drowning, obviously), which makes it perfect for everybody, without regards to age or physical condition. If you're not in a mood for exercise, you can catch some sun while flipping through a magazine or two and drinking a cocktail. Plus, it makes for a gorgeous party setting!


Do sports in style

You should definitely get some sort of sports field. Doing sports is a great and healthy pastime, and it provides the family with the opportunity to do something together. Playing badminton or soccer can give you and your family hours of entertainment and happiness. Just don’t get too competitive!


It doesn’t have to be difficult to bring a little luxury outside. Try some of these suggestions and enjoy your love of the great outdoors!

Guest post by Sarah Jessica Smith



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