Importance and Significance of Wellness for People of All Ages
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Importance of wellness


Wellness is an active process that has a direct relationship with your health. According to the definition that you will find in a dictionary, wellness is the state of complete physical, mental as well as social well-being. The World Health Organization further adds that wellness, apart from the above, also means more than the absence of any illnesses or infirmity in a person.


There is a lot of benefit and significance of wellness in a person’s life. This active process will help you to:

  • Become aware of your health and physical condition
  • Make the right choices towards leading a healthier and more fulfilling life.


It is a dynamic process that will bring about a lot of change and growth in you and help you to restore and retain satisfactory conditions of existence. This, according to the health experts and WHO, is the specific state that is characterized by different factors such as your health, prosperity, happiness and welfare.


According to several research works and studies, the world is facing a lot of health problems now and the most common of all health problems is depression. This problem has a direct connection to several medical and other conditions and is often manifested in diverse forms that include:

  • Insomnia
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • Physical inactivity or less physical activity
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease, etc.


Therefore, wellness is the cornerstone of high and improved quality of life for all, irrespective of their age, size, caste, creed, shape and perceived attractiveness. It will eventually determine a lot of things such as:

  • The way you will feel
  • The way you look
  • How you will thrive in life
  • The ways in which you will interact with others
  • The ways in which you work


There, it can be said that wellness is a conscious development in a person that affects the whole self. If you embark on a wellness journey you will be able to search for the appropriate tools that will transform you into a much happier and healthier human being.


It will also help you to discover your own methods that are effective even more when you use this tool for your sustained growth and continual development.



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The ways of achieving wellness

Just like you will find several reputed sites that will help you to find ways to achieve your financial health and wellness in need, you will also find several websites that will tell you about the different ways to attain physical and mental wellness. These sites can even be government sites.


There are many ways to cultivate wellness in yourself just as there are countless aspects of life you have to deal with every day. It is only when you know about these ways you will be able to follow the ever-changing path of wellness. It can be as simple as taking a walk in the park on a regular basis or a more strenuous and rigorous session in a gym.


However, irrespective of the way you choose, it is very important to make sure that the way you choose fulfills the various concepts of wellness and includes a few common but essential precepts such as:

  • Holism: There are several different natural dimensions of life and wellness. It is usually the outcome of these dimensions that will affect your health and overall well-being. Each of these dimensions is interrelated with one another which will help you to achieve your goal to be conscious of yourself as a complete person, living a life that is fuller, happier and healthier as much as possible.
  • Balance: You must at all times acknowledge the constant changes in the nature of your life. You should also look to balance it, which you can only do by giving proper attention to all of the natural dimensions. If there is a lack of sufficient attention to even any one of these dimensions, it will result in a development in you that is less than optimal. The fact that it may also lead your life towards chronic unhappiness is even more concerning.
  • Self-responsibility: The most significant trait that makes a good person is that they will own up to their responsibility for his or her health and happiness. They will certainly not allow others to take control over their decisions that they need to make for themselves. It is this self-responsibility in them that will presuppose self-awareness. This will include the process by which they can become increasingly aware of both the causes as well as the costs of their behavior.
  • Proactive: It is important to stay positive and proactive in life and for that, you will primarily need to have positive perspectives of wellness. You should know about the values of your life which you should live by. In addition to that, it is also required to have a very strong sense of consciousness and be purposeful so that you can perform the deliberate actions needed to stay well.


All these, however, are your starting assumptions, but they will stand well against the test of time. These actually provide you with the simple framework and it is entirely up to you what exactly you put inside that framework.


Remember, you can still succeed through wellness even if you are experiencing specific challenges in your life due to illness or stress because wellness is over and beyond the absence of these conditions.





Dimensions of wellness

Lastly, you should know about the different dimensions of wellness. These are:

  • Emotional, for coping with life effectively and creating sustaining relationships
  • Environment, that supports good health and well-being
  • Financial, for gaining satisfaction from the current and future financial conditions
  • Intellectual, for recognizing the creative abilities and finding ways to hone knowledge and skills
  • Occupational, to gain personal satisfaction and enrichment
  • Physical, to fulfil the need for physical activity, healthy food and sleep
  • Social, to developing a feeling of belonging and connection with a well-developed support system
  • Spiritual, to know the purpose and meaning of your life


With all these developments in you, it will be unwise to ignore wellness.

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