Make Your Home Stand Out with These Popular Window and Door Trends
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Without a doubt, the interior of our homes take on our personalities, with the colour schemes and furniture telling a story about who we are and what we like – the same cannot always be said for the exterior.

The outside of our homes can sometimes lack individuality with tired windows, doors and features.

We do our best to add our individuality, with different ideas in front gardens to make them stand out and blinds or curtains to create our chosen look. Some people go much further and completely transform the windows and doors of their homes.

We’ve put together a list of popular window and door design ideas for 2018 to help you select features that will make your home more individual.


Glass Designs

Swapping out the glass in your windows and doors may seem like it wouldn’t have that big an impact on the appearance of your home. However, with the multitude of latest glazing designs, the window and doors of your home can become more than just a functional necessity, but also a decorative element that makes your home stand out and with modern glass units saves you money on your energy bills. You can choose a variety of glass enhancing treatments. We’ve listed a few that have become increasingly popular.


Leaded Glass

Adding lead piping to glass is not a new method. The popularity of this effect was at its height during the Victorian and Edwardian period. Leaded glass is making a comeback today as interior design becomes more minimalist and monochrome. You can use decorative leaded glass to dress-up a home without the need for added embellishments.


Bevelled Design

Glass windows can be embellished with a fusion of treatments, using colour, linear patterns and shapes to give the glass in your homes an unmistakable visual impact.

This type of glass pairs beautifully with more traditional homes. Intricate patterns are made using multi-faceted surfaces and different levels of transparency.

This glass design can be used to provide privacy whilst allowing a good level of natural light into your home.

These glass designs can be combined with a variety of glazing options for added security and energy efficiency. It’s important to keep in mind that some designs can obscure light, so placement is important to keep your home well-lit and bright.


Glass Etching

This cool glazing technique allows you to etch designs into glass. Etching looks particularly attractive when placed on the glass above a front door glass, with many people adding the house name or number. Etching adds unique and personalised effect, the perfect option if ornate colours and patterns are not to your taste.



Frame Designs

Window and door frames can completely change the look and feel of a home. The standard we see today is typically PVCu framed windows and doors, these types of frames keep the outside of your home looking uniform and tidy, whilst also providing benefits such as increased safety at a very affordable price. Over the last few years, PVCu frames have moved on a long way in terms of finish, heat conservation and security and are the perfect choice to give the exterior of your home a clean, well-maintained look.


However, there are non-standard options you can choose if you would like your frames to say a little more:


Non-Traditional Window Shapes

Windows are highly customisable, with some suppliers having the ability to design and fit unconventional frames in a variety of shapes including circular and arch shapes. Going for non-standard shaped frames can add a special feel to your home.


Organic Materials

As we previously mentioned, many homes today are fitted with PVCu frames, however, the use of organic materials such as wood can give homes a traditional look whilst also providing benefits such as sound and heat insulation. Rising in popularity within the 19th century, wooden framed windows have been the standard until the modern era and despite the shortcomings of the originals they are still kept in many homes for aesthetic reasons. Modern-day wooden frames for doors and windows are treated to prevent warping and swelling of the material, making them draught free and more durable than the original wooden frames your homes may have – they look the part too.


Metal Frames

Metal frames can make your home look and feel contemporary and chic. These unique window and door frames add a personal touch to your home, your supplier can help you create custom shapes and designs to help your vision for your home come to life.


When opting to create custom window and door frames, it is important to consider how your design fits in with the look and feel of your home, balancing old and modern features to ensure that your home looks its best.

Changing the doors and windows of your home can give the exterior personality, whether traditional or modern, individually reflecting your personal style and aesthetic. Importantly, with modern glass technology the increased energy efficiency in the upgrade can save you a substantial amount on home energy costs.


To find solutions that best suit your needs, contact Bennbrook Windows, as one of the largest UK regional suppliers of windows, doors & conservatories. You can count on us for top quality products, speedy installation and excellent aftercare for long lasting and effective results. Call for a quote on 01992 574 555 or visit our website at



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