Meet Greenpicks, a Marketplace for Sustainable Consumer Products

Greenpicks, a billingual online marketplace based in German city of Cologne, offers upcycling, organic and sustainable consumer products.


Greenpicks was launched by Annette Husmann with a mission to promote environmentally-friendly and ethical consumption.



On Greenpicks, consumers will find a variety of products in such categories as fashion, bags, accessories, food and drink, cleaning, cosmetics, health, sports, fitness, office furniture. With such an array of products, Greenpicks team seeks “to enable end consumers to easily enter the world of sustainable products.”


Greenpicks only offers products that meet sustainability criteria, which include upcycling/recycling, vegan, fair trade, climate-friendly, regional production, social responsibility, etc.



“We only work with suppliers who are committed from the ground to the topic of sustainability,” says Greenpicks team.


Nevertheless, commitment to sustainability isn’t a sole requirement that must be met by sellers. Greenpicks team prefers to collaborate with sellers who stand for honesty, transparency and long-lasting quality. It’s also important to mention that Greenpicks offers every provider an opportunity to have his own shop on the platform.


On Greepicks blog, consumers will find interviews with manufacturers and suppliers, information on ecological and sustainable products, reports on fairs and events, thoughts on the topics of upcycling and sustainability.


For more details about Greenpicks, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska



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