Dutch Startup Created Windows That Convert Light Into Electricity


Dutch company PHYSEE is producing fully transparent and colorless windows that generate electricity.


The company has developed and patented a luminescent thin-film coating that collects direct and indirect sunlight, and doesn't lose its functionality due to the different weather.


As PHYSEE founders mention on the company’s website,Our patented coating is what provides our windows with sufficient yield. The coating is a couple of hundred nanometers thick, and is made of an industry-standard host-crystal with a 3% concentration of our luminescent material which absorbs energy uniformly over a spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to visible light.” They also add that “the conversion of light into electricity happens at strips of solar cells in the frame, oriented perpendicularly to the window.”


Founders of the company also state, “The efficiency of a PowerWindow scales with its transparency. A normal transparency allows for an efficiency of 20 W/m2, and a darker tinted window can produce up to 45 W/m2.”


PowerWindow can be created according to customer’s desires to fit the design of any building. "Our windows will work with any type of transparent surface; it can be curved, it can be made of plastic, it can be double or triple paned, you name it," say founders.


For more details about PowerWindow, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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