This Smart Sensor Lets You Track Energy Consumption of All Home Appliances

Krakow-based startup Ecoisme developed a smart sensor that lets you keep track of energy consumption of appliances in your home.



What makes Ecoisme stand out is its unique technology which combines power and spectrum analysis, allowing sensor to detect all devices in the home – air conditioner, heater, kettle, oven, TV, laptop, phone charger, etc.


The installation of Ecoisme takes less than 10 minutes. After sensor is being installed, it automatically starts detecting appliances and monitoring their energy usage.



Ecoisme sends all the data to the cloud. Using Ecoisme web or mobile app, you are able to get access to dashboard which shows statistics of energy consumption of appliances and displays which of them is energy efficient and which is not.



Based on usage of your home appliances, Ecoisme will send you personalized tips on how to improve and lower your energy consumption. In addition, Ecoisme app will send you a reminder in case you forget to switch off iron, close the fridge door or if something in the house is left switched on while you are outdoors.



Ecoisme also integrates with solar panels, smart devices such as Nest or WeMo, making them even smarter and bringing a new level of comfort and efficiency to your home.


For more details about sensor, visit Ecoisme website.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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