Terrible Style Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Date
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We can never anticipate how a certain first date will go as many diverse factors affect it. However, what we can do is choose the right clothes, shoes, accessories, hairstyle and perfume to leave a positive first impression. You can impress your date with your appearance and style before you get to know each other better. 

First impressions are essential as they dictate the course of the interaction and potential relationship, the same as for a job interview. If you don’t leave a positive first impression, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get that job. If you do get it, though, you still need to confirm that impression and prove yourself. The same is true in romantic relationships.

Getting ready for a first date causes headaches to many people. And in all of that overwhelmingness, people often go for the wrong choices, unintentionally, as they want to look their best. To avoid all that fuss and making wrong choices, we’ve compiled a list of advice on mistakes to avoid on a first date. You shouldn’t buy a whole new outfit, over or underdress, put on too many accessories, disregard the weather, try out a complicated hairstyle or put on too much makeup. What you can do is be yourself and perhaps even opt for eco-friendly clothing pieces - it shows that you care about the environment.


1. Buy a whole new outfit

Starting with common fashion-related mistakes people often make when it comes to first dates is getting a whole new outfit. That is not advisable as it can potentially go in the wrong direction. For instance, if you've never worn a clothing piece you've bought, it can make you feel less self-confident. At the same time, wearing something new can make you feel excited. This mood and feelings will highly depend on what type of person you are. So, to avoid this feeling it would perhaps be best to combine something old and something new. However, be mindful and don't get something that you've never worn before. 

2. Over or underdress

In order not to over or underdress, you should have details of your date in mind. A date can be anything from a casual walk in the park, a dinner in a classy restaurant, a picnic or anything. It's crucial to know how to dress for the occasion. It is one of the most vital aspects you should pay attention to. Also, whatever you wear, you should be comfortable. Besides these, the clothes you choose to wear shouldn't be too tight or too revealing. Also, you shouldn't constantly be adjusting it. 

3. Put on too many accessories

The golden rule of choosing just the ideal number of accessories says to remove the last accessory before leaving the house. It is usually unnecessary. When it comes to jewellery accessories, you should avoid wearing too big and distracting jewellery. Instead, you can put on some discrete golden or silver jewellery - depending on which one fits more with your outfit. Make sure that you give your jewellery a new shine with ultrasonic cleaning. And remember to keep all your jewellery either silver or golden - avoid mixing them. 

4. Disregard the weather

Another factor that affects the choice of our clothes is the weather. Even if you have come up with a perfect outfit for your date, and the weather has changed suddenly, you should put together a new outfit. Your attire should be weather-appropriate. The temperature and the time of the day also play a key role when it comes to choosing the right clothes for your date. Maybe the weather will be exactly what you need to add a fashionable addition such as leather or a denim jacket to complete your style. If you're unsure about the weather, consider layering.

5. Try out a complicated hairstyle

The first date is not a great time for experimenting with a new hairstyle. You never know the result and how it may look and feel. Perhaps you won't like it and won't have enough time to change it. That may result in you feeling and looking odd in your skin. It's best to go with hairstyles you already have experience with. 

6. Put on too much makeup

Wearing too much makeup or cosmetics that isn't you might spoil your initial impression, so keep away from it. It’s best to go natural, with a little makeup that you are used to putting on every day. You can’t go wrong with that.

Try to keep these tips in mind when getting ready for your first date - and you won’t make a mistake with your style.

Written by Alison Pearson


About the Author

Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a content creator, but her ultimate passion is design and creation. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner. Follow her on Twitter.


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