Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sydney
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Step aside New York City, Sydney has become the flagship urbanity of the modern Western world. The impeccable economic profile of Australia served as a potent soil to grow the Harbour City into one of the most significant cultural spots in the world that mixes cutting-edge infrastructure with immaculate aesthetics. If you ever yearned to feel the Harbour City’s sense of electrifying potential, yet you’ve never had a chance to visit before, here are the top-rated tourist attractions in Sydney.



Sydney Harbour Bridge

The hulking metal beast that looks as daunting as awe-inspiring was one of the first (if not the first) symbols of the city before Jørn Utzon brought the Sydney Opera House to life. The impressive feat of engineering arches over the restless waters of the bay like a guardian of the city gates, not unlike the legendary Statue of Liberty in New York City. If you find yourself with enough free time on your hands, try your luck with the popular “Harbour Bridge Climb” that takes you all the way from the base of the arch to its very summit – a spot from which you can revel in the beauty of the Sydney sunset.


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Sydney Opera House

It is practically impossible, even morally reprehensible, to create a list of top-rated tourist attractions in Sydney without listing the legendary Sydney Opera House, a landmark that can easily become a candidate for the Eighth Wonder of the World. This architectural marvel created in 1973 has been conceived as a sort of a “companion piece” to the embrace of the Pacific – as the building complex itself resembles a cluster of seashells. When it comes to functionality, the “shells” themselves are home to concert halls, cinema screens, and beautiful cafes. It’s hardly a mere landmark.


Snowy Mountains

When a newcomer arrives from a place that is not as nearly as hectic as Sydney, they tend to feel as if they have entered the eye of a hurricane – while the site tends to be spectacular, it can also be overwhelming. Therefore, if you are spending longer than two weeks in Sydney, take a day off to break away from its concrete sidewalks and head to the Snowy Mountains by purchasing a ticket for a sleek snow tour from Sydney that will take you to the Snowies. The spectacular mountain ranges will fill your lungs with crisp air, and the lush greenery that extends into the endless haze is a landscape that can truly put you in the Zen zone.



Royal Botanic Garden

However, even if you feel like the Snowies are a bit too far for your taste, you still have choices. The Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney is located in the very heart of the central business district, not that far away from the legendary diptych of landmarks, the bridge, and the opera house. The garden is one of the most important botanic institutions in the world and the oldest one of its kind on the entire southern hemisphere (it opened in 1816). It is a true oasis in every sense of the word – a green and tranquil patchwork of peace in the middle of the loud and hot city.


Sydney is a kaleidoscope of cultures and a mosaic of buildings. It is the eclectic mixture of pragmatic solutions and aesthetic ideals. The collections of these landmarks that have come to define this “town” over generations present a true sublimation of what makes this city special and enticing. The welcoming residents that are as industrious as they are relaxed are as good a proof of that as you can possibly find. So, head to the city of Sydney as soon as you can to mingle among these captivating people.

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