The Best Retirement Travel Destinations
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A sense of wanderlust does not diminish with age. Quite the contrary – if you have spent your life working diligently to secure your family, sacrificing every opportunity to go on a vacation – your desire to go out and see the world might have reached the breaking point. If you yearn to visit far-distant locations, here are the best retirement travel destinations.


Sunny times in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is one of those destinations that are picture perfect for all generations. If you, as a senior, love to spend time with your grandchildren, you will all have a total blast in Orlando. For starters, it is home to one of the most stellar versions of Disney World that, apart from its kid-friendly content, also has wholesome entertainment for adults. With its appropriately hot climate and vibrant color palette, Orlando is a quainter variant of the urban sprawl of Miami and it’s a truly beautiful town that is only an hour-long drive away from famed New Smyrna Beach.


Australian road trip

Australia’s east coast is a popular destination among retirees for many reasons. The climate and the air quality are excellent and one can easily come across enticing establishments along the coastline. Just check out this spectacular seaside luxury retirement community if you are reluctant about taking a long road trip along the coast. Renting a reliable vehicle and hitting the well-paved roads of the Land Down Under is probably one of the most relaxing and idyllic ways to have an active retirement vacation. The iconic east-coast road trip that stretches between Brisbane and Sydney is known as the Legendary Pacific Coast, and it is one of New South Wales’s most beloved road trips simply due to the sheer number of beautiful landscapes one comes across along the way.


reirement travel destinations



The captivating country of Israel offers an eclectic mix of old and new. You can begin your spectacular adventure by visiting the gleaming modern metropolis of Tel Aviv – which is also known as Miami of the Middle East. Tel Aviv is a dynamic, vibrant city with a constant flux of people that come from every corner of the globe. It also has a captivating art scene and incredible beaches. As such, it is a perfect hub for elders that want to enjoy some hedonistic activities, but it is also a jumping-off point for a tour of the ancient country. Visit the nearby antique town of Caesarea and marvel at its preserved Roman ruins. Of course, you cannot simply “stop by” Israel without paying Jerusalem a visit. This sacred and primeval city will enliven your imagination with a breath of its potent historical sites. Seniors that are true history buffs will be in seventh heaven.



The Iberian Peninsula usually tops the list of many worldly travelers. With seniors, it is no different. The history of this region has been romanticized and immortalized through art, but nothing can quite live up to the sheer spectacle of the real thing. While Spain packs one hell of a punch, if you have enough time on your hands, Portugal does it all on a smaller scale and with economically feasible packages. Overall, this old coastal country is noticeably cheaper than Spain and you will feel ever so rewarded for it – especially if you take time to roam the twisty and windy streets of Lisbon and Porto. While you are there, check out Portugal’s famed Algarve Region, which is also known as coveted retirement central for European residents. Who knows, it might give you an idea or two.


The best part about traveling to far-distant corners of the world is that the globe has never been as well connected as it is now. In fact, traveling has become a mundane affair for most people. Under such circumstances, it would be crazy not to travel around. After all, we learn as long as we live and even in our senior years can the world surprise us with new knowledge, spectacular places and wonderful people.

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