The Effects of Stress on Your Cholesterol
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Stress has many bad effects on our bodies. One of those effects is that it can increase cholesterol in our body. High cholesterol can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke and the key reason behind high cholesterol could be stress. A few studies show a possible and important link between stress and cholesterol.


Cholesterol is a wax kind of substance found in our blood. Our body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high cholesterol can raise the risk of stroke and heart attack.


High cholesterol can be inherited to anyone, but there are chances that our way of living can be one of the reasons that increase the risk of high cholesterol. When we overstress ourselves, our bodies face a few changes which include changes in the levels of hormones and components in the blood. Both of these things can increase the risk of higher cholesterol.


Calcium promotes proper nerve functioning which maintains normal artery pressure. Magnesium, malic acids, and citric acids, on the other hand, reduce muscular stress which is good for the blood circulation. Glycins are important for making hemoglobin and amino acids which play a key role during vigorous blood circulation. From the working of all its ingredients, it could be seen that Hypercet. Cholesterol Formula can promote or improve the health of the heart. Therefore, it can be concluded that the supplement works effectively while regulating the levels of good and bad cholesterol in the body.


There are a few main factors that can give rise to your cholesterol.

Change in your diet

When initially a person starts experiencing stress, he/ she may not eat, but with the time stress only increases a person’s appetite or hunger and he/ she may end up eating a lot and that increase in the food intake will increase your cholesterol.


Smoking and drinking

A person with stress may start drinking more alcohol and smoking to avoid stress, and the tension increased due to that stress will eventually increase your cholesterol level.


Physical activities

A person with stress will reduce the amount of physical activity from his/ her daily routine and that will affect the cholesterol level directly.


There are a few steps one can take to avoid an increase in your cholesterol.

Eat healthy

A person should always eat a healthy diet. They should include fish in their diet and eat low fat dietary products.



Everyone should exercise or walk at least half an hour daily to avoid high cholesterol and it will also keep you healthy.


There is a correlation between stress and cholesterol. If you are facing high cholesterol follow these things and it will help you to overcome it and feel healthy.

Written by Sara Lugo



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