The Top Smart Kitchen Appliances
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smart kitchen appliances


Technology abounds in our homes. Now, refrigerators are connected to the internet and cutlery can be connected to Bluetooth technology. Another is a Wi-Fi connected air conditioner that is a new class of home appliance which is easier to control, unlike the old one which is operated manually. If you have not brought your kitchen into the 21st century, now is the time!


The top kitchen devices connect to the internet and offer a host of possibilities. There are so many smart accessories and kitchen appliances on the market that allow you to cook your meals while you are not at home, using smart ranges as well as managing portion control through Bluetooth enabled dishes.


If you are unsure how to bring your kitchen into the 21st century, read on. We have gathered a list of the top kitchen devices and appliances that you need.


The Meater+ Smart Thermometer

This smart thermometer can be found on and With Meater+ Smart Thermometer, you will never run the risk of serving undercooked meat. This wireless smart thermometer is much different than other digital meat thermometers that have Bluetooth enabled technologies.


One of the main advantages of the Meater+ Smart Thermometer is its app. Simply insert the probe into your meat (beef, fish, pork, poultry, etc.) and allow an inch for the ambient sensor. Then using your app, choose the type of meat, cut and the doneness. The app will show the target temperature, the current temperature of the meat and the ambient temperature. Throughout the cooking, you will receive alerts. The Meater+ Smart Thermometer must remain in the meat while it is cooking.


The Meater+ can be used in the BBQ grill, smoker, and oven. The thermometer uses a rechargeable AA battery that charges in its own box. This powerful unit has a range of approximately 165 feet from its case. The case acts as a signal repeater to help extend its signal strength, which means you can go anywhere in your property and still get alerts.


The Smart Crock Pot with WeMo

Do you dream of a crock pot that allows you to adjust the cooking settings from anywhere? The free WeMo app that allows you to control the lights in your home can also be used to change settings on the crockpot, check on the temperature and much more right from your cellphone. Crockpot cooking has never been easier thanks to WeMo's technology. Even if you are stuck in traffic, you can have complete control of your smart crockpot. This amazing smart slow cooker with WeMo technology can be purchased at or Amazon.


Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

If you do not like the risk of overcooking or undercooking your meals on your grill, look no further than the latest alternative cooking method - sous vide. With sous vide, you cook your meat by placing it in a plastic bag and placing the bag in boiling water. Anova Culinary offers a companion app which ensures that your meat is cooked perfectly every time. Once the meat is done, you can place it on your grill to give it the look and flavor of meat cooked on your BBQ grill. This amazing cooker is quite affordable. You can order it on Amazon or at


smart kitchen appliances


Smarter Coffee 2.0

Available online at and Amazon, the Smarter Coffee is your answer to coffee on demand. This device allows you to use your smartphone or your tablet to rev up your coffee pot to brew the perfect cup of coffee. The Smarter Coffee allows you to brew one cup of coffee to as many as 12 cups of coffee. Additionally, you can choose the strength of your coffee, creating the perfect cup of joe.


Its wake up and welcome home modes use geo-location and timings to know when the Smarter Coffee 2.0 should brew your coffee. Its IFTTT applets allow you to search a set of recipes and find the perfect one for your mood. If you have a Fitbit, it will transmit your sleep data to your Smarter Coffee so it can brew you a strong pot of coffee. Finally, you can use your Alexa to control your Smarter Coffee 2.0.



GeniCan works in conjunction with your trash can to ensure you never run out of the essentials. Using GeniCan's barcode reader, you can swipe the bar code and add the item to your list. If the item does not have a bar code, place the item or your hand at the scanner. When the GeniCan cannot find a barcode, it will ask if you want to add an item to your list. Then, just tell the GeniCan what you want to add and it will add it to your list.


Anova Precision Cooker

Available online at and Amazon, it allows you to precisely cook your foods using sous vide cooking techniques. Simply place your meat into a sealed bag and immerse it in water. The Anova Precision cooker will ensure that everything is cooked to perfection. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth technology so you can monitor your meal from anywhere in the house. You will get perfect steaks every time you use the Anova Precision Cooker.


T-Fal Actifry Smart XL

This Bluetooth enabled powered fryer allows you to use recipes from your tablet or smartphone to fry up the perfect dinner. Available online at or Amazon, T-Fal's Actifry Smart XL contains more than 200 recipes that tell you the exact temperature for all of your favorite meals. Additionally, there are numerous step-by-step instructional videos to teach you everything this fryer can do. It is perfect for those who enjoy fried foods but want to be healthy. This fryer uses very little oil, which means you can enjoy your French fries rather than trying to eat your broccoli.


smart kitchen appliances


SmartPlate TopView

If you are tired of manually tracking your calories using a food trapping app, then it is time to come into the 21st century. With SmartPlate, life is much simpler. The SmartPlate uses a 10-inch plate with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with weight sensors and three mini cameras. Your plate will determine what you are eating and ensuring that you are using the right portion sizes. If you place too large of portion size on your plate, the SmartPlate will alert you. The app allows you to sync your plate with MyFitnessPal or Fitbit. It will analyze and keep track of all of your meals to ensure you are staying on your diet. It is available online at



The HAPIFork is available at and Amazon. This smart fork monitors and tracks your eating habits using Slow Control technology. The cutlery measures how quickly you are eating and flashes and buzzes if you are eating too quickly. The app has a dashboard where you can quickly determine how well or poorly you are eating. Studies have shown that eating too quickly can cause weight gain, stomach pain and a host of other issues. With this fork, you will slow down and begin chewing and enjoying your food.


AmazonBasics Microwave

The AmazonBasics Microwave is a must-have in any connect kitchen. This simple device has not reached the same level of connectivity as the Alexa; however, if you hook it to a compatible device, it can handle all of your cooking commands. As the new smart era has ushered in, Amazon will continue to develop outstanding smart kitchen appliances like the AmazonBasics Microwave.



Triby, available online at and, is a great addition for your smart kitchen. It replaces the simple memo. You can leave messages for your loved ones, contact them using Wi-Fi calling and much more even when you are not home. With your smartphone, you can leave a message for your loved ones at home on your Triby memo board. You can also use HomeKit and Amazon Alexa with the Triby.



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