The World’s First Incubator For Startups That Improve Urban Living With Plants and Flowers


Let it Grow, initiative of the world’s largest auction for flowers and plants Royal FloraHolland, launched incubator for entrepreneurs and artists who embrace plants and flowers as opportunities to improve our urban lives.


According to Let it Grow founder Silke Tijkotte, the incubator was launched with the aim to start a social movement out of the Netherlands with innovations that make cities and their inhabitants healthier and happier with flowers and plants. “I love the industry and I can’t imagine a better initiative to enhance the role of plants and flowers in the lives of so many people,” says Silke.



A five-months incubation programme, which is expected to start on 21 October 2016, will offer innovators co-working space, access to a network of mentors including those with specific business knowledge (finance, legal matters, etc.) and those with knowledge of the sector.


Entrepreneurs and artists will be able to attend a series of workshops and events to receive in-depth knowledge about the sector, including regulations and the inner workings of the industry. In addition, participants will receive training and guidance from startup coaches and experts, and will be able to get seed funding.


“The floricultural sector is one of the few places where the start-up scene isn’t flourishing yet. So there are many great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Young urban consumers have a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. Let it Grow thinks that plants and flowers are a natural fit here. As a response, Let it Grow is uniting the floricultural world and the (start-up) world to seize the opportunities that arise as a result,” says Silke.



The theme of Let it Grow’s first incubation programme is “Health and Wellbeing.” People with specific concepts or projects designed to improve urban living with flowers and plants, may apply for the programme as entrepreneurs, urban idealists or artists. The application is open until 10 September 2016. Members of jury will select 5-10 teams that will participate in the programme.


For more details about selection criteria and the programme, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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