This Software Helps Businesses Create More Sustainable Products


Over the last few years market demand has shifted towards sustainable products. The increased consumers’ awareness of environmental and social issues is pushing companies to do business more responsibly. Moreover, new regulations and environmental policies raised the quality standards for many products and, if businesses fail to comply with regulations, it may put their presence on the market at risk. Therefore, for businesses to succeed in the years to come, they need to integrate sustainability into their operations and products.


Dutch startup EcoChain created intelligent environmental management software that allows SMEs and large enterprises to calculate and manage environmental performance of their products through activity-based footprinting and Life Cycle Assessments. The software shows businesses their use of energy and materials at the company, process and product levels. Such detailed overview allows companies to see exactly how to make their manufacturing processes more sustainable and efficient. Besides this, companies are also able to identify saving potentials on energy and resource usage. This allows them to mitigate both financial and environmental risks.


Companies are being held responsible not only for their own operations and products, but also those of their suppliers. EcoChain lets companies rank suppliers according to sustainability and choose those suppliers that make the greatest commitment to sustainability.


When marketing green products to consumers, it’s very important to prove the claims businesses make about their products. Otherwise, companies risk to be accused of “greenwashing”. EcoChain is 100% compliant with the strictest national and international legal requirements. With this software, companies are able to accurately substantiate green credentials of their products and show evidence that products are in compliance with the latest regulations.


One of the greatest advantages of EcoChain is that it allows to make LCAs simultaneously for entire product portfolio and entire value chain fast, easy and at a much lower cost than traditional LCA methodology.


For more details, visit EcoChain website.

by Natalie Myhalnytska


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