21 Dutch Cleantech Startups To Watch


In the Netherlands, the number of businesses that create cleantech products, solutions and services is on the rise. Thanks to numerous research centres, initiatives, accelerator programmes, incubators and competitions - such as Climate-KIC, Rockstart, Dutch CleanTech Challenge, Yes!Delft incubator to name a few – cleantech entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to test their ideas, get feedback, raise capital and receive expert mentoring and support.


Magazine MN compiled a list of 21 Dutch cleantech startups to keep an eye on.



Fastned is building the world's first network of fast charging stations where all electric cars can charge.



Taxi Electric provides environmentally friendly taxi services in Amsterdam. By driving fully electric cars, Taxi Electric contributes to a cleaner and more quiet environment.



E-Kite is a Dutch high-tech start-up company active in designing, manufacturing and marketing of kite power systems. With these systems, electricity can be generated from wind through kites at 50% lower cost of energy compared to wind turbines of similar capacity.


Black Bear

Black Bear brings the circular economy to tires. Black Bear enables the production of valuable raw materials (carbon black) from end-of-life tires for re-use in tires, technical rubber products, plastics, paint and ink.


Elemental Water Makers

Elemental  Water Makers has developed an innovative renewable driven desalination system for drinking water production.



Hamwells offers an e-shower with circulation mode for a sustainable wellness experience.



ZigZagSolar is developing the next generation energy-harvesting architectural facades.


Smart Crusher

Smart Crusher provides environmentally friendly concrete for sustainable building through concrete recycling.



Wikkelhouse builds sustainable homes made of cardboard.



Using innovative and efficient technology, B2B aims to transform all plastic waste streams which cannot be recycled into oil.


E-stone Batteries

E-stone Batteries is developing a long-life, low-cost, non-toxic battery that is made from abundant and widely available minerals and is environmentally friendly.



Voltea develops water desalination systems, helping people and businesses get access to low-cost clean water while reducing environmental impact.



Plant-e develops products in which electricity is generated with living plants.



AERspire wants to contribute to a more elegant appearance of solar in the building environment. AER is a modular roofing solution with the unique ability to fully replace the conventional roofing. The AERspire roof supplies electricity and hot water.


Star Engines

Star Engines produces next level portable charger for electric vehicles.


Coco Pallet

Coco Pallet produces fully sustainable, high quality affordable transport pallets made from coconut waste.



Skytree has developed a technology that offers a highly effective way to capture CO2 directly from the air around us.



SolarSwing invented a smart solar tracker system that enables concentration photovoltaics, the world’s most efficient PV technology, to be integrated in glass roofs and facades for optimizing day lighting, energy efficiency and solar power production.


Mobile Water Management

Mobile Water Management  allows to register water levels, groundwater levels, gate openings and water quality tests by simply taking a picture with a mobile device.



start2stop is on mission to make as many cars on the road (yet) considerably more economical with smart OBD-II technology and, consequently, save substantial costs and make them emit less CO2. It reduces urban air pollution and vehicle CO2 emissions by 10% by retrofitting the (400 million!) current urban vehicle fleets with start/stop.



Bleeve is a marketplace for energy saving solutions.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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