Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Your New Home’s Countertops
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increase the lifespan of countertop

Countertops take up a lot of space in your kitchen, especially in pinup homes. They are typically one of the biggest investments that you make in your kitchen. Let’s face it: countertops are expensive and are usually the “centerpiece” of the whole kitchen. One of the most important concerns related to countertops is the maintenance it needs. 

Countertops require a lot of care and by following instructions carefully, you can increase the lifespan of countertops.

1. Avoid Using Chemicals

Chemicals such as caustic products, varnish and paint thinner have the ability to damage the surface of countertops. They are dangerous, so avoid using any chemicals for cleaning. Expert kitchen remodelers at Kitchen Infinity suggest that you should never use chemicals or any harsh material on countertops. Instead, use a gentle dishwashing liquid and soft sponge to clean the countertops.

2. Use A Cutting Board

Do not cut anything on countertops and always use a cutting board. Cutting directly on countertops makes dents and scratches on it and the surface will become rough with time. Also, there is a chance of bacteria mixing with the food you are cutting as bacteria gets stuck mostly on the surfaces. 

3. Follow A Cleaning Routine

Countertops require a proper cleaning routine, otherwise, it becomes difficult to remove a stain. Cleaning daily will solve a lot of issues. If you spill something, clean it immediately using a soft cloth. Granite and solid-surface countertops stain easily from liquids such as milk and coffee. Clean your countertops with water and a few drops of dish soap and then after cleaning, dry the countertops always. 

4. Avoiding Chips 

It is not common that a countertop has chips and cracks but when they do, it is because something heavy has fallen on the countertops. This is why you need to be extra careful while carrying heavy pots and pans as heavy things are most likely to cause chipping. If it happens, there are chances that it can be fixed to its position again but sometimes, it won’t be possible. To avoid any major problems, deal carefully while moving around heavy pans from one place to another.

5. Follow the Instructions Carefully

Instructions given by manufacturers are important as they know what is best for the countertop that they just made. Do not rely on hacks you read about on the internet blindly. If you have any questions or if there is any problem, contact the manufacturer and follow their instructions as they know everything related to the countertops.

6. Sealing

Sealing countertops is important as it will make cleaning easier. Sealing helps in leveling the surface and making it smooth, as there will be no cracks in countertops after sealing. It is also important to keep the countertops from staining as liquids get stuck in the surface if it is not sealed. Granite countertops require sealing more as compared to other countertops.

7. Avoid Heat

Putting hot pots and pans on countertops regularly is dangerous as the surface gets direct exposure to heat. Cracks start to appear after sometime and the shining surfaces become dull. To prevent the damage, place a trivet under the hot pans. It will prevent the surface from direct exposure of heat and the countertop will not get damaged.

Following these tips will help you in the maintenance of countertops and proper care will increase the lifespan of your countertops. A little effort is required and the results will be fruitful. If the manufacturer has provided any guarantee, then that will be helpful for you in future. For any queries, you need to contact your manufacturer and follow their instructions.


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