6 Types of Less Invasive Dentistry
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Let's face it - going to the dentist can be scary. From getting cavities drilled to going under anesthesia during surgery, many Americans avoid the dentist because of fears. In fact, over 75% of adults are scared to go the dentist. If you're one of those people, consider talking to a dentist Carrollton Texas about possibilities to have dental work done that's less invasive. 


If you have teeth that have deep indents or are more susceptible to cavities, sealants may be for you. The material, made of plastic resins, is filled in the grooves of your teeth and keeps plaque and acid from building up. Sealants act as a barrier to keep your teeth from getting drilled. 

Air Abrasion

If you do end up with a cavity or part of your tooth is unhealthy, air abrasion can remove the unwanted part without you being sedated. High-speed particulate matter is aimed at the tooth to eliminate the area that's harmful. If this is something you are curious about and interested in getting, be sure to do ample research on your end to determine if it is suitable for you. Most importantly, drop by the dentist for a check-up and consult a dental professional to find out what the best treatment option for you is. If the cavity is too severe, it might be better for you to consider dental implants in shrewsbury instead as it can immensely enhance your smile for good. Of course, there are other smile enhancing treatment options that you should explore and consider as well. Just pick the one most suitable for your condition, and budget and you're good to go.  

Laser Dentistry

This is one of the most coveted and trending treatments used today. Laser dentistry can help hard and soft tissue problems in your mouth with minimal pain, fast recovery times and higher accuracy. You can ask your dentist about laser treatment for gum restoration, shaping and contouring. 


If you have early signs of tooth decay and catch it before the cavity grows, you can avoid a filling by redepositing the calcium and fluoride back into your tooth. Visiting your dentist for regular appointments will give you a better chance at catching a cavity early and being able to restore your tooth's minerals instead of filling it in with a cavity. 

Mini Dental Implants

If you don't have enough bone in your jaw for full-size implants, then mini implants may be a better option. These implants are placed in small amounts of bone and are less traumatic and invasive to patients. Mini implants can help give you a new and improved smile without the intensive grafting and trauma that comes with conventional implants. 

Tooth Bleaching

If your teeth are strong enough and in healthy condition, you may be a candidate to get your teeth bleached. This will not only whiten your smile but will strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Who wouldn't love a new improved set of pearlier whites? 

Visiting the dentist may be a scary thought for some, but regular visits will help keep your teeth healthy. If surgery seems unbearable, talk with your dentist about alternative options that are less invasive but still beneficial. 


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