What Coronavirus Taught Us About Environmental Actions
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coronavirus and green living


Among other things, the coronavirus pandemic has opened our eyes and made us realize that we need to start living greener, cleaner lives and pay more attention to reducing pollution. These hard times allowed us to reconsider how we live our lives, lead our business, and how we can be more sustainable. 

Less Travel Significantly Reduces Air Pollution

That fact that we need to reduce air pollution is nothing new, but these scary times have just made that fact clearer. Heat maps have shown that air quality has dramatically improved as there are less travel and industrial activities. That is why it is now more than ever encouraged to use electric cars and greener transport options like riding bikes, helping us do our best to improve the air quality, and help people not to use private single-occupancy vehicles, or at least try to lower vehicle emissions.

Nature Will Rebound When Given the Chance

Another thing that we have seen is that we need to think about the oceans and water because they are one of the essential parts of the natural habitat. Unfortunately, it took something as severe as the coronavirus pandemic to see the wildlife re-emerge and see how it blossoms when it is free of human disturbance. With all that being said, we have to do all we can to make our lives as sustainable as possible to live in harmony with the natural environment. 

Our Houses Impact the Environment

Trying to be more sustainable and save the environment, we can't forget how much our homes impact the whole process. Therefore, we should make them as energy-saving as possible by creating carbon-neutral homes. That is why cladding panels are the best option for building houses. That is because they need less energy and produce fewer emissions when being constructed and fully recyclable. Once they are made, it will reduce the use of heating and cooling energy and fewer greenhouse emissions.

Dramatic Progress is Possible

We have all seen the amazing pictures of big towns without any smog and water becoming crystal clear in places where that wasn't the case for decades. One of the few bright things during this tragic time is the emissions reduction statistics. Reports have shown that emissions in China have fallen by up to 25 percent, which hasn't been seen since WW2. Another fantastic thing is the significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate specialists have said that those are the only good news during these dark times. Now is the time that we need to recognize what is valuable. We have so much evidence that the human race and our activities are responsible for the climate crisis; therefore, we need to find a solution to lower our carbon footprint and save the environment. 

We Have an Opportunity for an Environmental Reboot

Once the pandemic is over, we shouldn't go back to our lives the way they were before. People are not aware that pollution is accountable for around 7 million deaths globally; therefore, we need to save the environment and lower pollution levels. As we know, transport is responsible for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions produced. With that being said, we have to do everything that is in our power to lower the pollution levels and give our environment time to reboot and recover. We must be cautious about estimating the benefits of this pandemic as well as declare an environmental win. We can't predict what this situation will turn into because things are still unfolding, and many things depend on what will happen next. 

Just like how the coronavirus is invisible, so are the carbon emissions we are producing. But unlike the virus, our planet will continue to exist even without human life on it. Because we can all keep social distancing, washing our hands, and getting through this pandemic, we can work harder and smarter on saving our ecosystem.

Written by Zac Walker


About the Author

Zac Walker is a teacher, an interior design enthusiast and a part-time writer.


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