What Food Expiry Dates Really Mean [Infographic]
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We waste so much food unnecessarily and one of the big reasons for that is our misunderstanding of food labels. We often simply read the date on the label and if it’s gone passed the date, the food ends up in the bin.


This infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre looks at what food labels really mean, so hopefully it will stop you from wasting as much food. 33% of the world’s total food is wasted from plough to plate and it really is about time we did something about it.


The main problem is that food expiration dates are often related to food poisoning, but all they really relate to is food freshness. And these are two very different things. For example, best-before date is when a manufacturer sees a product at peak freshness and it in no way indicates whether a product is safe to eat or not. No expiry date indicates whether a product is safe to eat. It only indicates a product’s freshness.


Before mindlessly throwing food in the bin, test it to see if it is still fresh – it very often will be. Find out more in the infographic.

Created by Lakeshore Convention Centre



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