When To Drink Water: The Complete Guide
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Water and fresh air are critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We need to consume the necessary amount of water every day to keep ourselves hydrated. But we have often heard that drinking water is even more beneficial if you drink it at certain times of the day. But in the case of drinking water, we need to be a little more cautious because water should be pure as we already know that impure water can lead to various waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, guinea worm disease, and dysentery.


So first and foremost, we need to use a water purifier that is well-known in the market and has a reasonable filtration rate. It is advised by doctors to always use a water purifier before drinking water. It helps us to avoid many waterborne diseases.


When To Drink Water

After waking up

Drinking water not only hydrates us internally, but it also hydrates the skin. As we know, water consists of essential molecules like hydrogen and oxygen and so does our body. It also helps in increasing the glow of our skin. But drinking water after we wake up in the morning before breakfast is beneficial. As we drink water on an empty stomach, it helps in removing toxins, aids in digestion, helps with problems like constipation, gastric problems, and other digestive disorders.


Before having our meal

Consuming the right amount of water before having our lunch or dinner is helpful for digestive problems. It is beneficial to consume the right amount of water at least half an hour before your lunch or dinner. Continue this habit for a few days and you will experience the positive results yourself. It is even helpful for those who want to maintain a diet. Water intake just before your meal fills your stomach and it does not allow you to consume a large volume of food, helping you to maintain your diet. By following this habit, an individual can experience double benefits.


Before our workout

The workout is necessary for our body to keep it physically fit. Drinking water, say before 2 to 3 hours of exercise, is beneficial. Water intake is the primary source of surviving. It helps to maintain optimum body temperature and blood flow and circulation. It is always necessary to warm-up before starting the workout. As we need to carry heavy weights and tense up our muscles, similarly, the same pressure is applied on the bones too. Now, in this case, warm-up helps in the proper movement of the body and also for the proper blood flow and circulation. It is also seen that when a body is kept dehydrated, the risk of muscle cramps and muscle tear downs increases. But when the required amount of water is consumed, then it is easier for the muscle movements and similarly also for the bones, because it helps in the lubrication, which makes the joints movement smooth.


After a workout

During the process of exercise, your body loses energy and sweat. This results in the draining of the right amount of water from the body and may lead to dehydration and fatigue. So it is also essential to drink water after your workout session. It is even more beneficial if you let your body cool down a bit after the session and then drink water to renew your energy levels.


When we are tired

When you are excessively worn and have no more energy to move your legs, the best way to restore your power is by drinking plenty of water. It has been seen that if your body loses even a small percentage of water, it starts losing its energy levels and this results in low productivity. So whenever you feel that you are drained of energy, then drink plenty of water, and you will see the results yourself.


When we feel thirsty

This is the most apparent reason why we drink water. Our body informs us that it requires a refill with water and thus makes us thirsty. However, many people start to consume such beverages as coffee, tea and soft drinks to meet their need for water, but it is useless because it just increases their thirst even more. So whenever you feel thirsty, the best option is to consume plenty of water to stay hydrated.


Drinking water before the meal

Drinking water during the consumption of meals is really harmful for digestion. It is suggested to drink water half an hour before your food intake and again half an hour after your food intake. This is a beneficial way to drink water during your meal.


But we also need to understand that drinking too much water can also have a negative impact on your body, especially if you have a kidney problem. So you must be aware of your needs when it comes to water consumption. And for purity issue, we need to undoubtedly use the best RO purifier that helps us to drink pure and clean water. Aquafresh ensures that our products will meet your high expectations of water quality. Aquafresh customer care service is available 24/7 for you. For further inquiry, you can call Aquafresh Ro’s customer care number.



So drinking a required amount of water daily is always necessary and even suggested by the doctors. It helps us to keep hydrated and maintain our energy levels. Water is essential for the body, especially for the organs, bones and also for the skin. At Aquafresh RO customer care, you will get complete customer assistance that keeps you stable. Water intake is beneficial if you drink water at the proper time and in the right way.



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