Why Thumb Spica Splint is a Vital Part of Your Injury Rehabilitation
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thumb spica splint

Thumb injuries are the worst. They happen fast, hurt like hell, and are even worse to treat. Even more so, when you add that a lot of people refuse to take thumb injuries seriously. 

To make it even worse, a lot of time passes since the injury until they head about the thumb spica splint

Well, a thumb spica splint could potentially save your entire hand.  

Thumb Injuries 

Thumb injuries happen due to two reasons. The first reason is trauma, often a direct hit on the thumb, leaving it broken or severely injured. The second type of injury happens due to overuse. 

In both cases, the treatment includes isolation of the thumb, followed by physical therapy until the thumb is mobile again. Of course, if you break the thumb, you are going to wear a cast. If not, then you are going to let it heal back to its original shape. 

That sounds simple enough? 

Well, there’s more to recovery than that. The process is more complicated than that. 


When you undergo thumb recovery, you are making sure that the thumb returns to its previous state. When you break your thumb, you want to mend the bone and help it to retain its functions. Considering all scenarios regarding thumb injuries, this is by far the best scenario. 

A far bigger problem is when you have tendonitis or other injuries of a similar type. Then, there’s no cast to wear. You can heal that kind of thumb injury, either through surgery or extensive therapy. 

In any case, you’ll have to wait for a complete recovery - unless you are ready to speed up your recovery.  

How to Speed Up Your Recovery 

Well, the fastest way to speed up your recovery is to wear a thumb spica splint. The whole problem with the thumb injury is that you have to isolate the thumb for an extended period. 

However, you are talking about the thumb here. The thumb is part of the hand that allows humans to build tools and tech - it’s impossible to do anything without a thumb. 

Thus, you have to isolate a part of the body you would use the most. When you first break your thumb, you are going to feel a lot of pain when you move. However, as with the progress of your recovery, you are going to jeopardize how your thumb heals. 

For example, while your wound is still fresh, you may feel compelled to move it more than you should. While it may seem like it’s a standard pain associated with recovery, you could be putting more stress than you should.  

Isolating the thumb is the priority when you are healing the thumb. A Thumb spica splint helps you to do that.  

How Thumb Spica Splint Works 

A Thumb spica splint is a splint or a form of a cast that isolates the thumb and keeps it in a single position. The thumb, anatomically speaking, is a simple body part. The complicated part is restricting the movement of the thumb. 

The design of a thumb spica splint is similar to that of a cast. You have a longer part of the thumb splint. It wraps around the wrist and holds on to the arm. 

On top, there’s a hole for your thumb and another opening for the rest of the fingers. You tighten the part around the thumb, and you can keep the thumb in the same position. 

Thus, your recovery speeds up, and you can believe that your thumb is going to heal as it should. But, to get a better understanding of thumb spica splint features, let’s look at them separately. 

Proper Position 

The crucial element of thumb injury is proper positioning. When the thumb heals, you want to keep it in a single position. A few things happen when you isolate the thumb. You allow for fibers to reattach, bones to mend, and to reduce swelling and inflammation. 

Without isolation, you would damage your thumb again and again. Protecting the thumb from further injuries is your priority during the recovery. 

Protecting Thumb From Injuries

Okay, let’s say you can isolate the thumb without the thumb spica splint. Maybe you found another way to keep it in a single position. How do you keep it from further damage? 

A thumb spica splint is a piece of equipment that protects you from damage. The only thing you can see from the thumb splint is the top of the thumb. While in the spica splint, your thumb is safe from all outside effects. 

That works out another benefit.  

Pain Reduction 

When you isolate the thumb and shield it, you are going to feel less pain. You can sleep without worries, go to work, shower, and commute, knowing that thumb spica splint protects you. 

The best thing about thumb spica splint is that it prevents further strain. Thus, while you have a proper position and pain reduction, you also strain the thumb less than usual. Whether you are experiencing a chronic or acute injury, strain prevention is your priority. 

The reason why thumb spica splint is a vital part of the recovery is that it reduces strain. To heal, the thumb needs a break from constant use. Once you allow it to breathe, the thumb heals, and you can avoid further or repeated injury. 

Buy Thumb Spica Splint 

At least, that’s how thumb spica splint works. You can still go on to recover without it. 

However, you should know that when you think about recovery, there’s no room for compromise. Whether you get a fully operational thumb back is entirely your responsibility. 

Act on it.


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