12 Inspirational Books on Cancer to Read in 2020
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Last year, the number of people diagnosed with cancer was roughly equivalent to the entire population of Philadelphia — the sixth biggest city in the U.S.


Cancer is an epidemic that should be alarming to everyone, whether or not you’ve received a diagnosis. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s easy to get answers to questions quickly. What does radiation therapy entail? How am I supposed to cope with cancer? Why did I get this disease?


However, this abundance of knowledge isn’t always a good thing. It’s important to know the sources you’re turning to are credible and trustworthy. If you search “cancer books” on Amazon, you’ll get over 20,000 results. That’s a lot of information! So how do you know where to start?


The Mesothelioma Center compiled a list of 12 inspirational books on cancer to read in 2020 based on author accreditations, customer reviews, and best seller lists on Amazon and The New York Times. Whether you’re looking for survivor stories, treatment insights, or advice for living an overall healthier life, you’ll find it in the books below.


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