5 Green Companies That Are Saving the Planet


Perhaps there was once a time where it seemed like we would never run out of natural resources. But that time is over, and all of us – small businesses included – need to focus on adopting sustainable ways to protect the planet.


Here are five companies who have taken measures to be green and eco-friendly:



Named after the Egyptian bird of rebirth, Bennu is set to encourage sustainable practices through service suites that incorporate contemporary marketing techniques like social media. Bennu’s founders strongly agree that the sustainability movement is changing the world for the better. Learn more about their marketing services here.


The CEO of the company believes that any business that doesn’t catch the green wave is less likely to enjoy long-term success. To that end, Bennu has implemented sustainable measures at practically every level. The company partners with eco-friendly shipping companies to trim down transport emissions. Their web hosting company uses “outside air cooling” technology to limit their carbon output. They also support causes that encourage green lifestyles, including the “Greenpacks for Great Kids” program, which donates eco-friendly backpacks to low-income students.



IceStone has manufactured recycled glass surfaces since 2003 and operates in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard using only three core ingredients: Portland cement, non-toxic pigments and 100% recycled glass. To experience the quality of their products firsthand, you can order a full set of IceStone samples here.


Moreover, all of IceStone’s manufacturing processes meet the toughest standards of environmental and workplace regulations. The company’s factory is daylit with sky lights to minimize energy consumption and recycles over 90% of its waste, with the ultimate goal of becoming a zero-waste facility.


Company Folders

Company Folders is a premium folder manufacturing company that offers a wide range of customizable folders. The company has adopted eco-friendly practices by using agricultural-based inks that produce vibrant and rich color details. The company also makes use of leftover colors to create black ink. A job scheduling system allows the company to minimize color changes, with lighter colors run before darker ones.


Company Folders creates portable and lightweight folders, with many paper folder styles available in recycled Kraft paper. This stock is made from 100% recycled materials. Many of the company’s other stocks are also made from wood taken from sustainably managed forests. View their full selection of paper folder products here.


Bee America

Another company that enjoys an excellent reputation for being a sustainable business is Bee America. This family business aims to provide the best quality all-natural honey in the United States. Since they’re a small, local apiary, they have much more control and oversight over how their honey is harvested.


There are no artificial preservatives or additives used in the production process, which means no waste comes out of the production system. Moreover, the company does its own extracting and bottling and only sells natural honey, avoiding the use of insecticides. The company’s full selection of honey can be found here.



From contemporary to classic, this amazing eco-friendly furniture brand has a design for everyone. The best part is that the company utilizes only the best of American hardwoods and plant-based finishes to create their high-quality beds, tables, and other products. Their full line of furniture can be browsed here.


The company takes great pride in handcrafting eco-friendly furniture to protect our environment. The manufacturers source their hardwood from sustainably managed forests in the US to preserve precious resources for the coming generations. Moreover, Dapwood works with Urban Wood (which rescues stunning city trees that have toppled in storms), integrate recovered wood into their furniture.


Final Thoughts

When a company decides to take measures to become green and sustainable, the benefits outweigh all negatives. Any company can go green by taking simple measures like reducing water usage and energy bills, but what it really comes down to is the attitude—you have to dedicate yourself to maintaining sustainability in all you do.



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