Best Eco-Friendly Features for Luxury Homes
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Eco-style is one of the main design trends in recent years. Getting closer to nature, contributing to the conservation of its resources, reducing energy costs are just a few reasons to choose an eco-style home. The rules are simple: rely on natural materials, save electricity, and make the most of the sun's energy. In this article, we will talk about the philosophy of this trend and share the secrets of creating a truly eco-luxury home.

Eco as a lifestyle

In the original, eco-design implies not only the use of environmentally friendly materials, but their disposal and reuse. Now the eco-style is a much broader concept, which includes not only decoration and furniture made from natural materials but also the rest of the interior filling, including lighting, small decor items and other details, as well as the use of ecologically pure products in everyday life.

1. More space

For eco-style, spacious, open spaces, mostly with natural light, not cluttered with furniture and accessories, are most suitable. Eco-interiors create harmony in the house, they are designed to free their owner from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Original green decor

Cactus families on the windowsill and a lone palm tree in the corner are no longer enough. It's time to increase the number of green pets and do it in an original way: green walls, tabletops with live grass, hanging kokedama. With such a decor, clean air, natural interior charm and wow-effect are guaranteed. For ease of caring for green pets, stock up on an automatic watering system.

3. Organic gardening

If you are ready to use greens not only as an element of decor, switch to organic products, that is, grow them in your own garden or vegetable garden. You can create a garden not only in traditional beds but also on the wall of a city apartment or on the roof of a garage. And, of course, you can use a balcony, a loggia and just a wide window sill for these purposes.

4. Energy-efficient details

Save electricity, make life easier and surprise guests - modern household appliances can do a lot. But it is not necessary to spend money on expensive eco-plasmas or computers. Start small. For example, original bedside lamps and at the same time flower pots with powerful solar panels that can recharge any modern gadget. They look futuristic and stylish.

5. Eco-floor coverings

Wooden boards, natural stone, ceramic tiles, natural fibre carpet - we have already gone through this. Recently, eco-floors made of organic linoleum, bamboo parquet, leather tiles and natural cork have become more and more popular. Make sure that the material is properly installed and matches well with the rest of the interior.

6. Calm palette

Eco-interiors are, first of all, calm natural shades, also borrowed from nature. Black, brown, green, beige, grey, blue, white - surrounded by these colours and their combinations, the eyes rest. It looks simple but sophisticated. Sometimes less is definitely more. 

7. Paints of nature

Most interior and furniture paints are made from chemicals and solvents that are harmful to humans and the environment. Protect your health by using paints made from natural ingredients. Their service life is not inferior to synthetic ones, except that they dry a little longer.

8. Natural thermal insulation

For a comfortable microclimate in the house, there are many electrical appliances that require large amounts of electricity. Take care of its saving in advance and carry out reliable thermal insulation of the home. It is even better if it is made using environmentally friendly materials: flax, hemp, cellulose, stone wool.

9.  Natural light

The more sunlight you bring into your home, the more energy you save. At least in the daytime. Luxury home builders Gold Coast advise you to consider high window frames, skylights, dormers, full or partial roof glazing in the process of designing a private house. It is also possible to increase the size of the window in the apartment by prior agreement of the redevelopment. The easiest way is to get rid of dark curtains and clean the windowsill of all that is superfluous.

10. "Smart" windows

You shouldn't skimp on buying one of the main conductors of solar energy in your home. "Smart" windows not only provide the necessary illumination of the premises, but also protect them from overheating. How do they do it? Thanks to a special smart coating that functions as solar panels.


You can engage in an eco-house project together with specialists who will tell you in detail about all the nuances. Or take full advantage of their services and build a house in a short time. And the implemented project of the eco-house will contribute to the careful preservation of the surrounding nature in order to maintain a high quality of life.

Written by Ron Wolf


About the Author

Ron Wolf is a freelance writer and hobby designer with a passion for DIY projects.


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