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Revenues, profits, and sales are undoubtedly vital business objectives for businesses to achieve for them to survive. However, every business should have an even greater aim, which is environmental sustainability. Earth Day is not the only day that your business can show its respect towards the Earth. It should become your daily practice, and the reason is your business cannot survive if our planet Earth does not survive. Here are a few upgrades for your business to go green and save energy.

Consider Post-Consumer Waste

Probably very few businesses know how efficiently they can use paper scraps and other waste material that they throw into the dustbin daily. We refer to such waste as post-consumer waste (PCW), which means a waste product produced by the end consumer of a material and its use does not involve the production of another product. These products contribute to a cleaner workspace. The best way to adopt post-consumer waste is to skip using paper completely. Use eco-friendly printing paper so that you don't contribute to extra wastage. Check for the "100 percent PCW" mark on your paper boxes when making purchases because they use less harmful products.

Upgrade Old Technology to New

The type of technology you need to adapt to become more energy-efficient and sustainable will depend on the workplace you operate. For instance, in your office, upgrade your old printer, and in a warehouse, prioritize upgrading an LPG forklift to an electric alternative.

When considering technology upgrades for old equipment, you may have concerns about the cost. However, your upgrade does not need to be very costly, so monitor excellent deals using smart budgeting methods. Business finance options and loans can help you spread the cost of upgrading technology. You can appoint an environmental sustainability manager to handle this kind of budgeting and planning, but remember to consider your staff from within for this position.

Investing in Electric Portable Heaters

Electric portable heaters can help your business go green. They can help lower your energy bills if you want extra comfort for wintry days but don't want to commit to a permanent electric radiator. These heaters consume less energy than mounted heating systems, don't produce emissions, and require little-to-no maintenance, but they offer excellent supplementary heating for your workspace.

Allow Remote Work Options

Telecommuting is a topic that always causes anxiety. Some business leaders embrace it as more effective than a traditional office setting. However, others fear it will kill company culture or make their business less productive. The truth is, if it works for you and you roll it out thoughtfully, it can save you tons of money.

One of the greatest overhead expenses of a business is the physical office space. Authorizing your employees to work from home will save you on office-related expenses. Also, reducing the number of in-office staff will help you save on break room refreshments, equipment, furniture, and other maintenance costs that include cleaning.

Letting your staff work remotely from home eliminates your employees' commutes, which reduces the number of carbon-emitting vehicles on the road. Telecommuting also reduces the energy use of your office.

Reduce Water Usage

Despite your location, reducing your water use is one great way to help conserve environmental resources and save money. You can reduce water usage by:

  • Use a high-efficiency pressure washer for your cleaning jobs.
  • Changing to low-flow toilets and faucet aerators in your washrooms, and repairing dripping taps and plumbing leaks.
  • Design a drought-tolerant landscape with rain sensors and drip irrigation where necessary.

Power Your Office Using Alternative Energy

Wind, geothermal, hydropower, plant matter, and solar power are sustainable energy sources that you can use to generate green power. Green power sources are eco-friendly energy sources for businesses. Although it may be expensive to switch to alternative energy, you will save lots of money in the long run while keeping a green environment.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Lighting

There are many ways you can light up your business premises without harming the environment. The best way is switching to light-emitting diodes (LED) and compact fluorescent (CFL) lights. These bulbs are more costly than the traditional incandescent bulbs, but they are more energy-efficient and last up to 25 times longer. These bulbs will help you save up to $200 per light bulb in the long run. Using these bulbs not only saves money but also protects your environment.

Save Energy and Go Green with these Upgrades

The above upgrades are very efficient and will help to turn your business into a green business. They are proven to reduce your operating costs, safeguard your environment, and improve your productivity as well.


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