Top 7 Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives for Your Business

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Nowadays, ensuring eco-friendly practices is more crucial than ever. If you run a business and ship goods to your customers, then you surely need to look at your product's packaging, as it’s the primary thing you can control to save our motherland and contribute to the green and happy world. 

Are you looking to find the best eco-friendly packaging alternative for your business? Looking to contribute to a greener and healthier environment? If yes, then cheer up, as we will cover up the 7 best eco-friendly packaging alternatives for your business. 

We understand that using those toxic packaging materials not only harms the atmosphere but also results in a bad image of your brand. Therefore, finding a way to transit into safer, cheaper, and environment friendly packaging is a better option. Let’s begin! 

Biodegradable Packaging Peanuts

Natural and harmless materials such as wheat and maize starch are mainly used to make biodegradable packing peanuts. After usage, these packages can easily dissolve in water or may be discarded in compost heaps. You can use them to store fragile things from getting damaged. 

Furthermore, as biodegradable foam peanuts are electrostatically neutral, they will not stick to your clothes. This packaging will work the same way as Styrofoam counterparts, but a bonus is that the former one is biodegradable. 

Recycled Cardboard & Paper

No, this is not like your ordinary cardboard or paper packaging. In this type of packaging, a corrugated board is used. It is environmentally friendly packaging made from recyclable resources such as recycled cardboard cartons and old newspapers. 

Fortunately, corrugated board is one of the most extensively recycled materials on the planet, and you can easily get it for your business, too. However, to ensure your packaging is eco-friendly, try to source post-consumer or post-industrial recycled cardboard and paper because they are easily degradable and don’t have many environmental effects. Consequently, it’s recommended to use material marked as FSC-certified and sourced directly from the forests. 

Cornstarch Packaging

The packaging is often known as PLA plastics. If you get to see them, you will notice that they have a smooth texture of plastic, usually derived from polylactic acid from starch.

The best thing about it is that it just needs 2 days to break down. You can decompose it into landfills or whatever suits. So, you are getting eco-friendly packaging and that too with minimum energy consumption.

Air Pillows Made Of Recycled Materials

They are usually made of an eco-friendly film having air. This material can be recycled quickly. And it can decompose into the soil in 2-3 days, leaving behind nothing. At the same time, bubble wrap or packaging peanuts might lose their instinct or place, whereas the air pillow remains intact. 

You can use air pillows as a fantastic alternative for packing materials to fill in spaces and provide cushioning around packed items. This way, you will have safer product delivery as well as a greener environment too.

Biodegradable Bundling Wrap

Say Bubye to those bubble wraps that take ages to decompose with this Oxo-biodegradable bundling film. You can dispose of it in landfills or bins and never have to worry about it.

To have your glassware or silverware the safest journey while moving out, you can have this wrap. Besides, they are made from 100 % recycled cardboard and papercraft tape, so they are eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Plastic & Recycled Plastics

Suppose you want packaging that feels like a bit of plastic. In that case, there is no need to compromise your environmental credentials since numerous plastic shipping materials and equipment are now available and are made entirely of recycled plastic. 

However, it has exact properties like the traditional plastic, yet its awesome decomposing property makes it a better option for many. 

Spirits Paper Packaging

Made from sustainably sourced wood, this spirits paper packaging can hold liquids for short as well as long periods. It is 100% plastic-free, gives the most secure place for fluids, and decomposes quickly. 

This paper packaging was introduced by Diageo and is the 1st plastic-free paper-based spirit bottle. 


The use of eco-friendly business practices not only helps in better sustainability of the environment but also plays a crucial role in effective cost management. That is why more and more businesses around the world are making the switch towards it. 

Now, it is becoming mainstream, and smart business owners are already making their way of tomorrow. Start using these eco-friendly package alternatives in your business today – for our better future and the evergreen beauty of the world! 


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