Dutch Startup Created Sustainable Irrigation Solution For Farmers Across The World
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aQysta, a Dutch startup founded by 3 engineers from the Delft University of Technology, developed environmentally-friendly irrigation pump called Barsha Pump.


The pump is primarily designed for small- or medium sized farmers whose lands are located nearby canals or rivers.


Unlike traditional diesel/gasoline pumps, Barsha Pump requires minimal maintenance and zero operating costs.


According to founders of aQysta, Barsha Pump is very easy to install, and individuals can do that on their own. However, to ensure the optimal performance of a pump, there's one requirement - the water in canal or river must flow at a flow speed greater than 1 meter per second. Using hydro-power, Barsha Pump is able to pump water up to a height of 25 meters. Users are also able to connect sprinklers to the pump.


Depending on the type of soil, season irrigation, type of crops and even sprinklers used, Barsha Pump can irrigate between 1 to 4 hectares of land. And, since the pump doesn’t use electricity or diesel for its operation, farmers are able to cultivate their lands in an environmentally-friendly way.


aQysta has already tested its solution in Nepal and started “mass” installation of Barsha Pumps across several regions in the country. Here is the video.


For more details about the product, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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